Matt Farr

Matt Farr


Sitting at the keys and singing with a soulful passion Matt Farr brings high energy and a feel good vibe to the stage . .


Matt Farr
Genre: Rock/Soul/Funk
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Sitting at the keys and singing with a soulful passion influenced by the great piano legends of our time Matt Farr brings high energy and a feel good vibe to the stage. Growing up on the shores of South Florida, influenced by cases full of tapes and shelves full of old LP’s ranging from jazz greats, to 60’s rock icons, to reggae masters, and modern day hipsters, Farr’s music is a blend of soulful lyrics, classic grooves, and vintage tones.

“Kevin Kozel, senior writer for MusicReviews.Com says, “I think that Matt Farr would put on a really nice outdoor show any time of year. A nice cold one in the heat would go nicely with this sound.”

Although South Florida is home, the Matt Farr Band has performed up and down the east coast of the United States. In 2012 the band embarked on a summer tour from South Florida to Vermont and back bringing the music to over a dozen coastal towns and some of the areas largest music festivals such as SunFest. The band has opened for acts such as Five For Fighting, The Family Stone, Ryan Montbleau Band, The New Orleans Suspects and others.

Matt Farr’s debut solo album was released in April of 2010. The album was recorded in St. Augustine, FL by legendary producer Jim DeVito. Matt Farr’s dedication and future potential has attracted world class musicians on both his album and on stage including Craig Barnette on drums, known for his work with JJ Grey and Mofro. Eric Brigmond on organ and trumpet, also known for his work with Donavon Frankenreiter and JJ Grey and Mofro. Rounding out the lineup is Farr’s long time friends and collaborators Craig Stevens on bass and Nate Nash on guitar. 

Pushing on into the ever changing and challenging music climate you can catch Matt Farr at venues throughout the Southeast as he begins work on a new album set for 2018.



Written By: Matt Farr


She walked out the door this morning,
Wiping the water flowing from her eyes
Why do you need to leave me so early,
Let’s make love until the sun dies

Oh I can’t be your love when you’re away from me,
Don’t want to say goodbye no more

Why don’t we let, everything fade away
and Stay, Stay, with me . . .

Well I tried so hard, to be made of stone,
But distance can carry the heart away
Underneath this rock, is the softest sand,
It get’s pushed around with each and every wave.

Living Like Ourselves

Written By: Matt Farr

Come on tell me something,
Somthing I’ve been missing,
Something that never seems to get old
I look up at the blue sky,
The palm leaves are blowing,
Can’t feel my body, just my soul

Sometimes we’re gonna smile,
Sometimes we’re gonna cry,
Sometimes we’re gonna laugh,
But we’re all going to try . . .

To be living, living, living like ourselves
Got to be living, living, living like ourselves

Tell me where I’m going,
But I can’t say that I’ll listen,
I’m on my own path to this shore,
Where the wraith is awaken,
And the waves all start breaking
Nothing can stop this anymore.

Crying Sun

Written By: Matt Farr

Jumped out the door this morning not knowing how my day would go.
I spent my time driving starring at the blue sky through the window.
Spoke to God, told him I needed something more and more.
Told him I needed something or someone positive for sure.
Stepped out to the curb, Kicked a beer can, stepped in a puddle,
Caught my jacket in the car door
Just when I thought I was a person doing nothing right,
I gazed upon someone who could do no wrong

And here is that crying sun,
Burning away yesterday
And here is that unfound love
Making all things new, making all things new

A man without courage is not a man at all,
I would be crazy not to be a man on this curb
I struck conversation without a sense of who I was
And she responded in a way I could only have dreamed of
Together we make time disappear
As the morning becomes afternoon
I kissed her lips instead of holding her hand
Am I an impatient man, I say no . .
I’m just in love with this love

I’ve been caught in the moving flood,
Washing me clean of the bad blood
Follow me closely says the soul
Follow me closely to the love

Red Bird

Written By: Matt Farr

I should have listened to the feeling,
of the red bird singing outside my window,
I never had doubts in my mind,
On what I could have done or said.
Now I told myself
Don’t get caught up in what they say
Got to follow your heart, and you’re never gonna work another day

I know, it’s easier said than done,
I know, it aint always so much fun

I said fly, red bird fly
Take me to my desires
Fly red bird fly, to the open fields where you can
Sing . . . , where you can fly.

You know I’ve had my reasons,
Had this feeling building up inside,
So let me walk through this fire,
So I can sail on with my pride,

Make A Little Time

Written By: Matt Farr

Listen girl, don’t you worry about my intentions,
I’ve been waiting just as long as you to fly,
Hit the ceiling busted through and now I’m breathing,
Don’t take for granted, any single day that goes by

Don’t be fooled by the words I choose,
I’ll be waiting to bring you home

Make a little time with you,
Build a little strength with you,
Make a little peace with you,
Build a lot of life with you,

Falling on this bed in a rain shower of roses,
The candle flicker shines the red light in your eyes,
Must we always seem to fight this fire with fire,
Maybe someday, we can read between the lines.

Music Profits

Written By: Matt Farr

Everyone has times in life where you pack your bags and hit the road,
A little moment to let things go,
A sweet song on the radio helps the time pass you by,
There’s nothing like just singing along,

Fill my soul music profits, with the words that never die,
Get me high on the melodies, that paint the colors of our lives,
Ride the road of inspiration, all the years gone by,
Music profits, you’re blowing our minds.

It’s like that feeling you get when you see that look in her eyes,
You can’t explain how it moves you,
The one thing that lifts you up when lifes got you down,
Keeps you dancing when your alone.

Blowing my mind, all the time

Life Changes

Written By: Matt Farr

I don’t know if I believe your story,
You never read me past page two,
Maybe you need a little bit of warning,
I’m just happy passing through.
Oh I know that we found each other,
You know me, and I know you,
Where we go is yet to be discovered,
I’m just happy passing through.

I don’t want to let nobody down,
I don’t want to feel like a fool,
Maybe your better with someone else,
Maybe it’s not my time, not my time . . .

Cause life, changes, so fast that I, can’t seem to,
Find that open book, you know the one they say,
Cause I, feel like I’ve been blindsided, by this ever changing world,
But I’m not gonna run away.

What a difference a day can make,
Pulling those strings hoping to catch a break,
Maybe those walls come crumbling down,
Making room for what’s coming around.


Written By: Matt Farr

Like a flower blooming inside my soul
My love for you grows up so tall
So as the rain comes down in the morning
Can we slip away for just another hour or two

We dive into the ocean,
Let the water break our fall
Oh, I want to be with you
I want to be with you

From the nights on the beach with blankets wrapped around us
To the warmth of the summer sun
I’ll remember I’ll cherish every moment around you
Do whatever I can for your love

Like a flower bright in my eyes, brightening my days,
Never thought I’d be blessed like this,
Lets’s disappear, let’s see this world together
Believe I will give you everything I have

Age of a Young Day

Written By: Matt Farr

Fields of broken memories
Being placed in your head
They say it happens to everyone
Just visions of your past
People come and people go
Like the passing tide they said
Passed many traits and traditions
Making sure they were never dead

She walks down by the river,
Sharing her mind with another,
Time seems to last forever
It’s a time of drawn out Sundays,
You’re dreaming of the old day, in the age of a young day

Well stare straight ahead it’s a new day,
The broken past becomes your highway,
Just as the wise give us wisdom,
The young give us reason to live on


Written By: Matt Farr

She’s as strong as I can describe,
but fragile in my arms tonight.
The weight of the world caves in,
I can see it through her eyes.
Doesn’t seem to matter what I say,
Doesn’t seem to matter what I do anymore.
Cause she’ll walk away tonight,
Leaving that kiss and truth at the door.

When a good thing comes our way,
Better be ready for that crossroad.
Cause the time may never again,
Come back to say hello.
Hello my friend, hello.

She can ask herself time and time again,
Searching her mind to figure it out.
But the truth lies deep within,
Some things aren’t meant to be figured out.
The morning breaks, she’s looking at you,
The more she falls the more she’s confused.
One glance is how it began,
Who knows how it will end.

We can fight all our lives or love,
Or we can let love take our hands.
Not knowing is part of the plan,
What mystery would it be if we knew where we stand.

I want to take her in my arms again,
Show her I’m more than a friend.
I want to kiss her and make it alright.


Matt Farr self-titled debut solo album. © 2010 Red Key Music. Available at over 50 digital retailers worldwide.

Set List

Matt Farr can perform 1 or 2 fully original sets of music totalling 2 hours.