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Matt Farr


Sitting at the keys and singing with a soulful passion Matt Farr brings high energy and a feel good vibe to the stage . .

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Matt Farr Album Review - MuzicReviews.Com – MuzikReviews.Com

Matt Farr isn’t like every other musician we hear about every day. He isn’t about being a “rockstar” or altering his recordings on computers, this native of South Florida is all about bringing the spirit of 60s/70s rock and making music with that vintage sound.

On his self-titled debut release, Farr offers up ten tracks about living each day, doing what you love, and learning from the moments that pass us by. He provides the vocals and plays the keys on the album, and is joined by Craig Barnette (drums/percussion), Pete Winders (guitars), Eric Brigmand (organ/trumpet), Craig Stevens (bass), and Juliet Rentz (backing vocals). Together they have a jazzy, funky, jammy sound.

Matt Farr’s album is good. All of the song songs are pretty good as is the playing, but the one problem is that after a while they start to sound a bit too similar. My first few listens kept bringing me back to O.A.R. for some reason. I think it is Farr’s vocals that led me in this direction, but musically it’s more jazzy. In this vein, the way the keys sound is more similar to Herbie Hancock, one of his influences.

As good as the band sounds on playing together on this album, I prefer the more barebones sound of how “Crossroads” ends closes the release. I don’t think Farr should focus his efforts here though, I think it just provides some more variation from what we’ve heard over the rest of the album. Mixing in more tracks like this would balance the album more. Outside of this, I think that Matt Farr would put on a really nice outdoor show this time of year. A nice cold one in the heat would go nicely with this sound.

Hot Tracks: Stay, Life Changes, Crossroad

Kevin Kozel- Sr. Staff

Matt Farr’s music now ‘100 percent my effort’ – Palm Beach Post

With parents who are musicians, Matt Farr, a Florida native, was immersed in music from a young age. And, though music has been his lifelong passion, the piano was something that he “kind of fell into.”

His style has been compared to the piano rock of Billy Joel, but, unlike Joel, Farr has never toured as a solo act. Now, after years of being part of different bands, Farr wants to “do something different, something that was 100 percent my effort.”
Local audiences will have the chance to hear music from Farr’s debut solo album on Friday at the City Place Concert Series.

He said that this album diverges significantly from those of bands he has been a part of in the past, which he described as mellow. This album “is more up-tempo.” He also said that his music is more “rootsy, soulful and bluesy,” especially when compared with music played on the radio. Farr said this album “showcases musicians rather than production.”

Farr said that he hopes these differences will generate more attention than he has yet received.

Although he was laughing, Farr said working as West Palm Beach-based musician has been a challenge because there are not a lot of venues for showcasing artists.
“You play a lot of covers,” Farr said, because “that’s the nature of the scene down here.”

He has performed in cities around Florida, such as Gainesville and Miami, but hopes his latest work, which he recorded with musicians out of Jacksonville who play with Donovan Frankenreiter, will appeal to wider audiences, especially those in coastal towns, and garner interest throughout the region. Farr said this solo effort grew from that need to balance dedication to his art and earning a living.

“Music is who I am and what I do,” Farr said. “But there’s that battle between putting music on the back burner to work a 9-to-5 for money and being happy.”
He said the theme of this album is “living life like you want to live” and that he hopes audiences will respond to that.

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