Matt Flinner Trio

Matt Flinner Trio

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Over the last seven years, the Matt Flinner Trio has steadily carved its own niche in modern American string band music. Coming from the world of bluegrass, the Trio reflects tinges of jazz and classical music to creating a hybrid that remains rootsy and organic. Virtuosity and originality abound!


Since its inception in 2002, the Matt Flinner Trio has been performing its own brand of acoustic music
around the country to rave reviews. Mandolinist Matt Flinner, guitarist Ross Martin and bassist Eric
Thorin cover a wide variety of musical styles---all with the common ground of originality. Bluegrass, jazz
and Celtic musics are all present here, but not necessarily overtly or in a contrived sense. Call it
Americana Music, or New Acoustic, or Chamber Grass, or just call it Great Music; whatever label you put
on it, it is guaranteed to be fresh and original, and definitely something you've never quite heard before.
On select tours, the Trio performs music that is as fresh as it gets---music written the day of the show. In
these “Music du Jour” Tours, each member of the Trio writes music each day of the tour, and each day’s
music is debuted on that evening’s show. The results are stylistically varied, unpredictable and always


"Music du Jour," Compass Records, 2009.
Matt Flinner CDs:
"The View from Here," Compass, 1998
"Latitude," Compass, 2001
"Walking on the Moon," Compass, 2003
"Phillips, Grier and Flinner," Compass, 2000
"Looking Back," Compass, 2002

Set List

45-60 minute sets. Style: Bluegrass, newgrass, new acoustic.

SET 1:
Inferno Reel (Flinner)
In the Golden Zone, (Martin)
Stomp Hat (Thorin)
Fifteen Cents (trad.)
Rumanian Folk Dance no. 1 (Bartok)
Tell Me One More Time (Martin)
New Cimmaron (Flinner)
Free Circus (Thorin)
Bluegrass Special (Bill Monroe)

SET 2:
Flight of the Green Chair (Martin)
Carroll County Blues (trad.)
Falling Rock (Flinner)
City Chickens (Flinner)
The Blossom (Thorin)
Dear Prudence (Lennon-McCartney)
Spur of the Moment (Martin)
The Village Road (Flinner)
Daybreak in Dixie (trad.)

SET 3:
New Hope Road (Flinner)
Cheyenne (Bill Monroe)
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams)
Miasma (Flinner)
Cobalt (Martin)
Half Moondog (Flinner)
Waltz in C#Minor (Chopin)
Atomic City (Flinner)
Meager Hero (Thorin)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Cobain)
Lee Highway Blues (trad.)