Matt Frey Band

Matt Frey Band


Matt Frey has been playing music for more than 16 years. His influences include Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Jimmy Buffet, Metallica. and Jim Croce. His sounds has been describes and acoustic rock reggae. Have a listen and be happy!!


Matt Frey grew up near Baltimore Maryland sailing, biking and going on ski vacations. He pick up his Dad's old Martin guitar when he was 16 and hasn't put it down yet. His influences include Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Jim Croce, Metallica and James Taylor. In 1999 Matt played his first live gig in Park City, Utah. The thrill of the live gig hooked Matt and be began work on his first original album. Almost 10 years later he is almost ready to officially drop his first album. We would have called it Decade but Mr. Young already did that. Although it has been ten years in the making this first album was worth all the blood sweat and tears it took to produce. "Making your first album is a learning experience like no other, and I am already working on number two."


Thrillz (set to drop by fall 2008)

Set List

3:58 Good Earth
4:55 Not Givin Up
4:07 Outer Space
3:05 Remember My Lines
3:23 Sixies
3:41 Steel Trap
2:27 Sunblock
4:08 Sunrise
3:29 The Chance
3:36 Thrillz
1:28 Vocal Relief
2:58 We've Got Style
2:54 Get Up
Total music time: 44:15

Matt's cover repertoire is over three hundred songs. He has the amazing ability to hear a song once and then play it to the repertoire is always growing.