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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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"Matt Fulchiron: Comedy is Like Making Love"

Matt Fulchiron has discovered there’s a direct link between his personal life and onstage success – in that, the more dismal the former, the more successful the latter. So it’s fair to say that the things fans find most funny about his stand-up act are skewed in favor of life’s more pathetic moments.

Take Matt’s accounts of living with dwindling, limited resources; being broken down by fledgling relationships and; you know, other adult responsibilities. Go ahead, laugh it up. Because that’s what has taken the comedian from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and NBC’s Last Comic Standing to Comedy Central‘s Live at Gotham. Not to mention the fact that he performed on the Tosh Tour Twenty Ten, or that his new TV special Comedy Central Presents: Matt Fulchiron premieres on Comedy Central Friday, February 25. But Appleton gets him first. Matt headlines Skyline Comedy in Appleton February 16 – 19. That noted, we thought it about time you all got to know him a bit better…


What’s a typical day like for a working comedian?

Wake up.

Think of reasons that I hate myself.

Write them down.

Go on stage and tell other people why I hate myself. Slowly start to shift my hatred from myself towards the audience.

What do you think people’s first impression of you is onstage, and why?

They think, “That man is very beautiful,” because I am a very beautiful man.

When you’re rocking the mic, so to speak, what thoughts are usually running through your head?

Did I leave the stove on?

Like any job, comedy must have its perks and drawbacks. What are the best and worst parts for you?

I like the self-loathing and the debt, but I hate all the free time.

What special talent do you have that comedy fans might never guess?

I can do a pretty solid kick flip.

So, you’re known to some as “the Full Charge.” There’s got to be a great back story, or how did that nickname make its way into your comedy?

It’s just supposed to be a really stupid and ridiculous thing for a grown man to call himself. I’m pretty sure I pulled it off. I don’t go by that name or anything. I’ve never mentioned it on stage. It’s actually pretty stupid to call my website “,” but at the same time no one can find me by my name on the internet either, because they don’t know how to spell “Fulchiron.”

For people who’ll be seeing you for the first time this week, what kind of comic journey are they in store for? What’s a Matt Fulchiron experience like?

About 90 jokes, 30 seconds a pop.

It takes a special talent, a certain kind of person to get on stage, to perform, deliver well and walk away wanting to do it again. What does it take to do what you do – and what has your journey been like, from early shows to now doing Comedy Central and late-night TV?

You just have to be obsessed and have patience. It’s like stalking a stranger, which can also get you on television if you do it correctly.

Not all comedy clubs, festivals, crowds are created equal. Are there parts of the world, certain atmospheres where you feel your brand of comedy is most at home?

On the 60-city tour I just did in the fall, Milwaukee was my favorite show. So hopefully that applies to all of Wisconsin.

Family, girlfriend, close pals: what’s your stance on having them watch you perform live?

Comedy is like making love — it should only be done with strangers.

Some comedians come with a switch that’s always “on.” Are you more of a relaxed type off stage, or the constant comic relief?

My switch got stuck to “off” a long time ago. This is a huge problem when I get on stage.

There’s a great pool of up-and-coming talents working the circuit these days. What comedians are you finding hilarious and maybe hope to work with someday?

Doug Mellard.

What’s on your radar the next year or two? Where should we watch out for you?

I’ve given up on goals. They can make you very unhappy with yourself. My Comedy Central special airs February 25th at 10:30pm (CST).

Any parting words for Appleton, Wisconsin?

Damn, Appleton! I wanna’ have your baby. - Skyline Comedy / Behind the Mic


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Known to those in the know as “The Full Charge,” Matt Fulchiron hardly lives up to his nickname. Worn down by relationships, adult responsibilities, and limited resources, Fulchiron coasts through his life and his act with a sarcastic and defeated outlook.

Matt is a regular at many clubs including The Comedy Store, The Improv, and The Comedy and Magic Club. He has also appeared on the television shows “Comedy Central Presents,” “Live at Gotham,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “Last Comic Standing,” “Comedy.TV,” “Comics Unleashed,” and "Tosh.0." He’s been on The Bob and Tom Radio show, and was the opening act on Daniel Tosh’s “Tosh Tour Twenty Ten.”