Matt Geörg Moore

Matt Geörg Moore

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Words and sometimes not words and melodies and sometimes not melodies and analog and sometimes digital and fear and sometimes not fear.


A veteran of the Florida music scene, Moore has recently moved to Portland, Oregon where he has begun promoting his latest CD. Solo acoustic. British influenced. Mildly Americana. Moore has been a musician his entire life. He has performed on stage consistently since 1995, most notably with Pale Blue Dot. He has recorded several albums worth of material. His most recent is DIAGONAL. The Miami Herald calls him an "abstract, poetic folkie" and his music can be heard on the PBS television series "Roadtrip Nation".


1996 The Hogtown Sessions
2000 Microcosm
2001 Live at the Oasis
2002 Just Add Meaning
2004 Kakistocracy
2006 Diagonal

Set List

Two guitars; one Macbook; one mic