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"Review of "Strangest Days" - May 5, 2006"

The piano lead in to "Stripped Away" from this Boston band evokes Coldplay. Then Matt's voice kicks in, slightly reminiscent of Midnight Oil's Peter Garrett. The music stays with the piano as the focal instrument, driving a pop machine that also has a waft of a Bruce Hornsby feel while remaining a bit edgy. A bit raw, but in the three tracks, you can feel something is happening here. - Music Morsels (

"Review of "Strangest Days" - May, 2006"

After contributing to a compilation album, The Burren Project, in 2004, the Matt Germak Band recently released its own EP, Strangest Days, featuring three original songs. They are known for their intriguing live sound played across the Boston area.

Described as a rock/pop funk band, the Matt Germak Band displays a diverse, upbeat sound by incorporating jazzy piano mixed with a contemporary pop style of songwriting. The three-piece opener, “Stripped Away,” displays intense piano playing that builds up to Germak’s unique sounding vocals and slightly off-kilter tone...The last track, “Strangest Days,” has a catchier beat than the first two. Germak’s voice blends in better with the music, which helps draw more focus to the sensitive lyrics. The ending’s fade out is an effective conclusion to the last track on the EP.

The Matt Germak Band is still on the rise, performing more live shows and gathering a larger following...their determination is promising. As with many contemporary bands, sometimes you have to see a live performance to really hear the music.
-Sasha Keeler - Northeast Performer Magazine (

"Review of "Strangest Days" - May 15, 2006"

I’m a sap for any band that throws in something random, something you don’t hear in most bands. matt pond PA has that cello, most good Irish rock bands have an accordion somewhere in there, and Something Corporate has that raging piano. The Matt Germak Band follows the latter and comes up with some kicking piano licks, really grabbing a hold of any synapses firing in your brain and just hanging on for dear life. I myself was pretty much reduced to having my eyes glaze over and my head bob during those piano intros. Hell, you could have packaged me in plastic and set me on a store counter next to Ichiro and Piazza bobblehead dolls, and I’d have fit right in. I probably wouldn’t have noticed, either.

All in all, this band has a decent sound that will get better. I do think they’ll make something of this if they keep their minds to it...
-Steve Brachmann - Dissolver Magazine

"CNC Music Productions - March, 2006"

“Matt Germak Band is definitely a band to watch. They have a great sound, well-written songs and the ability to fill a room with ease. Keep your eyes on this band.” - Christie Leigh, CNC Music Productions

"Review of "Strangest Days" - April 17, 2006"

"There's talent here..." - Smother Magazine

"Review of "Strangest Days" - April 20, 2006"

Strangest Days is the new EP from Matt Germak Band, a Berklee student four-piece, with an innovative marketing strategy which includes approaching student papers for a CD review; The Citizen gladly took on the task. With piano hooks reminiscent of Coldplay and the upbeat rock lightness of Gavin McGraw, the songs leave you wanting to hear more. This is a band that is obviously very strong in song-writing, as shown by the catchy "Stripped Away" and "Leave This Train Behind,"...word on the street is that they have a strong live gig following and fill the room with their tunes. And this Boston-based band certainly seems to be going places; with their savvy business sense, sassy business cards and a cool EP photo in the mix, they have a lot going for them.

If this has left you curious for more, catch them live this Wednesday at the Sky bar in Somerville, at Kennedy's Midtown on April 22nd, or FELT Boston May 11th. Full details are available on their website - The Citizen, Harvard's JFK School of Government newspaper

"The Boston Globe - July 16, 2006"

"...catchy hooks and sensitive songwriting." - The Boston Globe

"JUST WARMING UP: Matt Germak Band bringing Berklee-born piano-rock to Harpers Ferry - February 1, 2007"

"...Boston’s Matt Germak Band is just approaching the point where audiences of family, friends, and friends of friends have begun to snowball into real word-of-mouth buzz...Fans of Folds, or of other college-friendly crews like Maroon 5 or Gavin DeGraw, will cotton well to this threesome, which also evokes Billy Joel and Bruce Hornsby at times."
-Chad Berndtson - The Patriot Ledger

"Review of "Strangest Days" - February, 2006"

Bred during its members’ time at Berklee School of Music, the Matt Germak Band is well aware of how delectable a cascading rock piano matched with a locked-in rhythm section can be when applied to snappy funk pop...Germak himself is a stellar keyboard stylist, and each of the three songs on this test-the-waters sampler disc is potential-packed.

‘‘Stripped Away’’ and ‘‘Leave This Train Behind’’ leave less of an impression than the closer, ‘‘Strangest Days,’’ which offers stronger lyrics and a meatier backbone that better serve Germak’s ambitions. Ben Folds comparisons are going to dog Germak as his group cultivates a fan base, but that’s a good thing: Where piano rockers are concerned, we could all use more effervescent Ben Folds and less droning Coldplay.
-Chad Berndtson - The Patriot Ledger

"Review of "Strangest Days" - June 9, 2006"

Sometimes ten minutes is all you need to be able to see inside the music of a band. A simple EP featuring three songs can at times provide the listener with a glimpse into what a band is all about and leave the listener with a pretty good impression as to whether or not the band is something that is worthy of checking out or more worth discarding from the collection.

Matt Germak Band has released their three track EP entitled Strangest Days and has produced an EP that serves as a useful musical snippet into the music of the band. Although the EP might be a bit too short, the songs on this EP allow you to gain an insider look into the music of Matt Germak Band. Once listened to, the listener should be able to ascertain that this band has a highly optimistic musical future.

Matt Germak Band is a funky arrangement of three band members each focusing on rather simple, yet useful, instrumental sounds that all match quite nicely to the vocals of lead singer Matt Germak. The EP allows the listener to gain a quick feel for the band and the fusion of part jazz-part rock-part pop is instantly appreciated. Drawing musically on a seemingly wide palate, the band is not afraid to mix sounds a bit to create a sound that is almost uniquely their own. This EP leaves the listener with a good feel that a full length album by Matt Germak Band very likely could be a solid contender.

Stripped Away quickly highlights Germak on the piano which is met nicely by Keilson on the drums and then Byrnes on the bass. A quick and ascending then descending piano sound is heard steadily throughout the track and just as much as the piano might change tempos, Germak is able to vocally range up then down and then back up again. His voice is able to move with the music and is a nice pairing to the instrumental sounds of the track.

On the next track, Leave This Train Behind, the instrumental prowess of the band can again be heard quite well. There are some awesome instrumental interludes on this track that allow the listener a different pace to tap the foot to. The end of the track winds down a bit and focuses on the ballad like vocals and lyrics that are sung by Germak that in turn lead to the more upbeat sounds pf the earlier party of the track.

Strangest Days, the title track of the EP, starts off with an intense instrumental introduction that has a great jazzy sound to it. Just as you are really getting into the album, Germak's vocals nicely work their way into the track with the bass sounds carrying on in the background of the track. Germak's voice is perhaps at its highest on this track, however, the heavy emphasis on both the bass and the percussion provide the perfect amount of change on this track.

With a very impressive EP now under their belt, Matt Germak Band is sure to continue to focus on building their fan base in clubs and bars while continuing to fine tune their music and expand their works. If an EP is to serve as a glimpse into what is to come for a band in the future, Matt Germak’s EP Strangest Days serves as some pretty solid proof that there are good things in this band's future.

- (


Strangest Days (2005)
The Burren Project (2004) - compilation


Feeling a bit camera shy


We were featured on 92.9 WBOS ( as the local music spotlight on Sunday, June 25 at 10pm. They played a couple of our songs and now have our CD in their be sure to listen and call in to request MGB!

"...catchy hooks and sensitive songwriting." - The Boston Globe

"snappy funk pop...stellar keyboard stylist...potential-packed" - The Patriot Ledger

"Keep your eyes on this band." - Christie Leigh, CNC Music Productions

Raw energy and songs with wide appeal keep thrusting Matt Germak Band to the next level. Fans rave about their exciting live performances and catchy original pop/rock songs, reminiscent of Ben Folds Five, Maroon 5, and Billy Joel. The band's insightful lyrics, crafty hooks, and rock, funk, and jazz influences leave you wanting to hear more!

With their recent CD release, Strangest Days, Matt Germak Band continues to push forward with a current radio promotion campaign and a touring schedule that includes shows in New York City (CBGB, The Mercury Lounge, Lion's Den) and the Boston area (Middle East, Harpers Ferry, Felt). Their music can be heard on 92.9 WBOS, 104.1 WBCN, 100.1FM WBRS and 91.5FM WMFO in the greater Boston area.

Matt's inspiration to write comes from observing everyday life and trying to find deeper meaning in what's going on around us. He loves to perform, especially when it means establishing a connection with the audience. Jeff has an amazing knack for playing incredibly funky, melodic bass lines that really add to the whole experience. And Jonnie brings an unprecedented energy to the band, with the enormous talent of setting an impressive groove each and every time.

Together, they form a very original group with an easy-to-listen-to and catchy sound that fans - new and old alike - appreciate right away.

92.9 WBOS (Boston) - request line 617-931-1111 (this is huge, so please call with your request! both Five O'Clock Shadow and Coming Home are in their catalog)
91.5FM WMFO (Tufts U) - request line 617-627-3800 Wednesdays 9pm-midnight
100.1FM WBRS (Brandeis U)- request line 781-736-5277 any day 8-10am or M-Th 3-4pm
WWW.BANDRADIOLIVE.COM - requests 24/7 via website