Matt Giraud with P.A. Sytem

Matt Giraud with P.A. Sytem


We are a wild collaboration of musical and cultural styles. We blend together to create an intense edgy R&B style. Matt Giraud is a "Soul-o" artist backed up by A2D2 records' house band "P.A. System"


Darwin and myself, (RockHead) sat in our vehicle after church listining to music we had created when Matt just walked up and put fire to it vocally. It was just a matter of weeks following that afternoon we started collabing on a Pop/R&B project featuring Matt. We made another instant connection with our guitarist (Michael) while working on a side performance. The last key, which sets everything off, was calling up our rediculously sickning drummer, whom we had known casually for years prior to putting together what is now known as Matt Giraud with P.A. System. We have a must see blend of musical style and on stage chemistry.


Matt Giraud- Perspective 2003
The track titled "Whenever" has had airplay on Cirius satelite radio and on a few local public radio stations.

Set List

Our set list of original material is usually 25-30 minutes and is usually ordered as follows.
-"You will never"
-"You make me wanna"
-"Letting go"
-"Do your Will"
-and "He's waiting"
We occassionally add covers such as "Yeah" by Usher, Beyonce's "Crazy in Love", "Like I love you" by Justin Timberlake, "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson, "Brick house" by The Commodores, etc.