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What will you do on Halloween?

Written By: Matt Glickstein

What will you do on Halloween?
What are your fears, what makes you scream?
Witches, ghouls, and jack-o-lanterns
Dark haunted houses, spirit arouses
This is Halloween

What will you do on Halloween?
Scare your friends and make them scream
You could give them lots of candy
Will you trick? Or will you treat?
on this Halloween

Spiderwebs and zombies
Chocolate and lollies
Don't forget the witches,
they'll cast a spell on you
Skeletons and monsters,
cookies and gobstoppers
Don't forget the demons,
cuz' this is Halloween!

What will you do on Halloween?
Dye your hair red, black, or green?
You must find the perfect costume
Could be a wizard, ferocious lizard
On this Halloween

What will you do on Halloween?
When the dead are alive, or so it seems
Go stop a cemetary
You must be wary, it's pretty scary
On this Halloween

Vampires and bats,
Werewolves and black cats
Don't forget the reaper,
he'll tear you up to shreds

Bubble gum and skittles,
Chewy chocolate middles
Don't eat it all too fast,
You have to make it last
Till next Halloween

I hope this song has scared you
If not then it's prepared you
For this thrilling night of horrors
Have a very scary happy Halloween!