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By Grace

Written By: Matthew A. Gray

By Grace
© 2006 Matthew A. Gray

She came into Sunday School; her dress was quite short
And her tattoo could clearly be seen
And his odor of smoke almost made me choke
Plus the nicotine had stained his teeth

When I see them come my way, I want to turn away
And a smug, catty comment is the first thing I would say
But that’s not Your way. I think You’d stay
So help me remember, I pray. . .

Chorus: For it is by grace you have been saved through faith
And this not of yourselves, it is the gift of God
Not by works so that no one can boast

But I’ve lived all my life, through trials & strife
Trying to answer Your call
Aren’t You impressed? Though I’m often distressed
I’ve done pretty well, all in all

As pride rises within, You show me that it’s sin
And I recognize the foolishness of arrogance again
My excuses wear thin; my mind starts to spin
Working for salvation is where I’ve been


Bridge: I want to give my Master a labor of love
Instead of my own efforts trying to cover what I’m guilty of
You’re calling me to come to You & trust in You alone
It’s just by mercy I’m worthy to humbly kneel before Your throne



Written By: Matthew A. Gray

©2002 Matthew A. Gray

Looking hard in every face I meet
For that missing piece that will complete the puzzle
Of who I am
Feeling only emptiness and void
The things I thought I once enjoyed leave me hollow
And all alone
How can I find the way back to a place I’ve never been?
The despair that’s always lurking torments me once again
Where can I go? When will I know?

Chorus 1: I need You, Lord Jesus; I need You here today
I need You every moment; Lord, what else can I say?
I need You today. I need You to stay
I need You, Jesus

As I look across my history
I see the way Your hand held me through the changes
Of my life
Though the road’s been hard, I can’t deny
Your grace has kept me safe and dry in the storms
That surround
Why do I doubt You hear my cries and answer every time?
And how can You be so merciful to forgive me of this crime?
No sin can erase the work of Your grace

Chorus 2: I love You, Lord Jesus; I love You evermore
I love the peace You give me; You opened up the door
I love You, my Lord. It’s You I live for
I love You, Jesus

And yet temptation comes again to take my eyes off You.
I don’t want to fall; I don’t want to fail. Please show me what to do
Keep my heart pure. Teach me to endure

Chorus 3: I need You, Lord Jesus; I need You once again
I need Your Holy Spirit; come and rescue me from sin
I need You within. I need to be cleansed.
I need You, Jesus

Set Me Free

Written By: Matthew A. Gray

Set Me Free
©2006 Matthew A. Gray

Eve was deceived, but Adam perceived
The truth of what God had told him
His eyes were wide open, but he was still hopin’
That somehow this sin wouldn’t hold him

As my father’s son, I continue to run
Straight to the poison-filled fruit
Though I’m well aware, I don’t seem to care
The symptoms of sin are acute

Chorus 1: Set me free from self-destruction
Let me see Your greater power
Work in me Your true salvation
May I be safe in this hour

Day turns to night, marking flight after flight
Away from the One Who has bought me
Though I know that I must, I just can’t seem to trust
In the strength of this love that has caught me

Still I hope for the day when I will obey
Not fearing to be left in need
Such faith brings release, safety & peace
Even if small as a seed

Chorus 2: You set me free from self-destruction
And let me see Your greater power
You work in me Your true salvation
I will be safe in this hour

Bridge: Lord, I know You can bring me to the Promised Land
Where I will see my every need supplied
No longer will I fear, and I’ll know that You are near
As You wash me clean from selfishness and pride

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

The New Road

Written By: Matthew A. Gray

The New Road
© 2001 Matthew A. Gray

I will set you on a new road
It’s a straight and narrow way
I will set you on a new road
For you hear what I say

When I set you on this new road
You will see it to the end
I will always walk beside you
I am a faithful friend

Chorus: I will use you, My chosen child
For far too long, your mind has been defiled
So I will cleanse you, My precious son
And through you My work will be done

When you hear My voice calling
Do not hide your face in fear
If you listen to what I say
My love for you is clear

I desire to make you holy
My discipline is true
The harvest it produces
Is righteousness in you


Chorus B: I will use you, My chosen child
Your mind too long has been defiled
But I have cleansed you, My precious son
Through you My work will be done

Worth it All

Written By: Matthew A. Gray

Worth it All
©2007 Matthew A. Gray

When I started on this journey,
I didn't know where it would lead,
Like picturing a full-grown plant
When staring at just a seed.

But as the time's been passing
And the years have come and gone,
Step by step I've walked this path,
And I've heard my voice grow strong.

It's worth it all.
It's worth the cost.
It's worth the sacrifices
And the things I've lost
'Cause now I'm standing in a place
I never dreamed I could be.
I've gone around and finally found
What it means to be me.

My horizons have expanded;
This is more than I thought I'd be.
It's amazing how the world can change
Just by what you see.

I know there's even more to come;
This is only just the start.
Of all my life will one day hold
I've only seen a part.


I've left behind some things I love
To take this road less trod.
At times it's rough, and though I've stumbled,
I'm still walking by the grace of God.



The New Road (5-song CD)