Matt Gregg Mansfield/ Piper St. Sound

Matt Gregg Mansfield/ Piper St. Sound


Matt Gregg (Mansfield) is a songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist. He specializes in dub mixing, live sound manipulation and playing bass. He uses all available resources to create unique sonic dimensions and to stretch everyday noise and organic sounds into surreal aural representations.


Matt has created music for 14 years, beggining with Bb Clarinet and Bass Guitar, and later expanding with guitar, a little keys, and some ability on the drums. He has played many varieties of music in his life, but fell in love with jazz, reggae, hip hop, funk, son and west african music in highschool. Matt's job working in a library through out most of his highschool years allowed him to consume vast amounts of music otherwise unavailable to him at that point in his life and to avoid all late fees for unreturned CDs. Now Matt runs a studio and rehearsal space from his basement and mixes and plays bass in Atlanta's premier live dub unit KingRat, besides playing bass and Kaoss pads in The Ghosts Project.
This year Matt produced over 7 eps and now one album that is soon to be available.
PIPER ST. SOUND is Matt's Sound System/Musician Cooperative that provides music for parties, events and any occasion.


KingRat EP 2
Songs For Rainy Days On The Sun
Che Guevara Rebel Test.
KingRat's Golden Melodica Melodies.
Dp3 Meet Matty Dub Tub Inna Piper St.
Ghosts Dub
KingRat The Album

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