Matt Harding

Matt Harding


Earnest AAA, traditional singer-songwriter pop songs with an americana feel. Love songs, backporch balads, country waltzes, social commentaries, folk anthems, rhythm, soul, blues. All the heartbreak & hope you can squeeze into 3 minutes of music.


Your parents are going to love Matt Harding. Mine do. But… the indie-credible, name-dropping, record store-working music snobs in your life will love him too. Mine do. And the same goes for mall-hanging teenagers.

Sometimes, in the presence of greatness you just have to drop your biases and admit, “This guy is really good.”

Matt plays timeless American music that doesn’t fit neatly into a cute sub-genre tag. Maybe that’s why so many musically different people all feel safe with him. All of the musical elements from Matt’s past – classic pop, folk, country, jazz, blues, r&b soul, and more recently some heavy African rhythms – have combined to create a sound that is familiar, but so masterfully blended that you just stop worrying and enjoy it for what it is.

Maybe Matt’s universal appeal lies in his earnestness and the reverence with which he treats his influences. Matt takes simple folk, country and pop melodies, strips them down to their emotional center, and soulfully infuses them with the contents of his heart. The result is a classic Americana sound that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until you get caught up in the flurry of feelings. Give these songs a spin, and before you know it, they will become your songs. They are really everybody’s songs; Matt is just the messenger.

Matt has taken his music all over the world – Europe, South America, Asia – and everywhere he goes he makes new fans. He has paid his dues over and over and over again – an artist’s doseage of heartbreak, check; nearly destitute in New York City, check; traveled to the metaphorical “crossroads” and cut an album with some American music legends, check; 2-year stint playing every night at a smoky club in Shanghai, China, check; under-appreciated by the music industry, so far. But the great thing about Matt is that it doesn’t matter if anyone’s there to listen. Matt is ill-suited for anything but music; without it he would be a mess.


Big City

Written By: Matt Harding

Big, big city
Lots of people everywhere
Big, big city
I know you don’t even care
If someone is crying
If someone is lonely
If someone is dying
Lost their one and only

Long, long subway train
People riding you in shame
Heads down, eyes are dim
Future never looked so grim
I work two jobs, man
I’ve got a family to feed
Look at my baby
She’s got a mama that she needs

Big city I ain’t got no use for you
Big city every single thing you say is untrue

I once had dreams, man
I thought I could get it
Instead of smelling roses
I’m stepping in dog shit

Big city I ain’t got no use for you
Big city every single thing you say is untrue

Used To Believe

Written By: Matt Harding

You used to laugh
the sun used to shine all day
And I used to love you
in a very innocent way
And I used to believe
that one day you would find me
And you’d accept me how I am
Whether I was weak or I was strong

I was wrong.

Then came the day
you were so unhappy
And I went your way
with my sword and my shield
Cause I used to believe
that one day I would save you
From the darkness and from the rain
When I’d sing you my song

But I was wrong.

When you went away
my whole world folded together
I couldn’t make you stay
I thought we’d last forever
And I used to believe
that we had something different
Than the ordinary union
I have loved you for so long

I was wrong.

Hey Baby

Written By: Matt Harding

I said, Hey Baby, tell me what’s gone wrong
I said, Hey Baby, tell me what’s gone wrong
When the sun come out this morning
All my love for you was gone

I said, Hey Baby, what did I do to you?
I said, Hey Baby, what did I do?
I never meant to make you feel lonely
Never meant to make you blue

Hey baby did you take that train
That was headed for nowhere fast
I was hoping that you’d change
Come around and see things my way
See things my way

I said, Hey Baby, tell me what’s gone wrong
I said, Hey Baby, tell me what’s gone wrong
Well you used to be my everything
Now my everything is gone

Well you used to be my everything
Now my everything is gone


Sketches (1998)
Baho Quartet (1999)
Lovely Lady (2001)
Matt Harding (2006)

Set List

Tracks from current and past albums and other originals. Some covers. Can be very flexible - tailored to fit venue, audience, occasion, or time constraints. Can play anything from opening slot to corporate party.