Matt Hartin

Matt Hartin


"Paul Westerberg meets Chris Stamey in Memphis" --Dean Sciarra,

Songwriter. Singer. Aggressive. Transplanted Yankee. Wanderer. Independent.
Cook. Brewer. Drinker. Never-Was. Probably-Won’t-Be. Optimist. Sleeper. Abettor. Baseball Fan. Joker.
Writer and Recorder of 6 song EP Let It Go.


Written very quickly in the spirit of its title. A young song that yearns to be heard should not be labored over.
Defining line: “Put the charm on the dash and then you’re gone.”

A young man takes a long drive through the heartland of his country in search of reason. He encounters an old man in the slow lane who happens to be driving with both hands clad in oven mitts and firmly on the wheel. The young man comes to understand that we all have our reasons.
Defining line: “When you never stay in one place how do you ever expect to be found?”

There is that moment when two people meet where hope intersects with reality and truth lurks around the corner. The inspiration for this song was taken from the novel,
LOVE PARK, by Jim Zervanos.
Defining line: “I know just enough to break your heart tonight.”

While attending an art gallery opening, a painting caught my eye. The title was
Throwing Our Money at the Moon. I spoke to the artist, Jamie Frankie, who told me that he and his wife like to take their coin jar down to the big tree in the field behind their house when the moon is full. They make a wish and throw their money at the moon. Mrs. Frankie’s first name is Penny. Seriously. Thus inspired, the words just spilled out and were put to a melody I had laying around for a long time.
Defining line: “It’s just you and me and that tree we planted with our secrets
in the ground.”

The wanderer’s creed: wherever you are, there must be someplace better.
Defining line: “Swing wide round Philadelphia cause I know there’s trouble there.”

A closing time conversation between a bartender and a sad drunk, this could have happened anywhere but it was after a great show at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville by the hardscrabble rock band MARAH. Coincidence? I doubt it.
Defining line: “Hey man, you hear this one? Well brother, I think I’ve heard them all.”


Get This Far

Written By: Matthew Hartin


I told you for the 19th time
Guess you weren’t paying attention again
I see the pity in your eyes
Lately it’s become a trend
Another chunk of time apart
Not gettin along, OK
Tempers flying off the charts
Save it all for another day

You know that I hate your damn surprises
And even worse our compromises
How did we get this far
When the hardest part was the start
How did we get this far
Before we fell to pieces

You always have the solution
You can fix anything
Sort through any sort of confusion
Just pull another set of strings
Put the past where it can’t hurt you
Fumble what the future brings
Carry on despite the carnage
And get right back to where you started


You wish I was more like you
Well guess what I wish I was too
You can keep your heart far from view
That’s what I wish I knew how to do



Matthew S. Hartin

Solid Ground

Written By: Matt Hartin


If you go back to that place
Where you came from
Would I follow you down
Or would you leave me hangin on
To memories of that time
That always slip away
Never any peace in your mind
Alone and wasting away

Gravity is pulling you down
Liquid emotions just lifting you up
You better find yourself some solid ground but
You can’t give it up
You can’t stop sippin that stuff

Buried friends and buried burdens
All secrets and heavy loads
If you stepped out from behind that curtain
Maybe then the real you would show
Wearing other peoples clothes
Where you’ll end up then God only knows


Now you’re standing all alone
Just like you always wanted to
No jewel studded throne
Just a memory of you
And how you were younger then
Why can’t you get inspired again


Money at the Moon

Written By: Matt Hartin (BMI)

Money at the Moon

Let’s throw all of our money at the moon
You know there’s nothin’ better that we can do
Underneath a full moon purple sky
Down below a rage burns deep inside

I know that it’s a quarter after three
But it’s just you me and that tree
We planted with our secrets in the ground
Knowing where our two hearts could be found

I’ve seen it in the stars burnin’ up the sky
If you look too close it could make you cry
It’s barely enough for us to get by
But still I wanna try

Now we’ve been livin’ for that fight
Just like a couple of kids who know they’re always right
We’ve been keepin’ score up on the wall
Right next to the telephone nobody ever calls


Let’s throw all of our money at the moon
Maybe then our dreams can still come true
Remember when we once had better things to do
Than throw all of our money at the moon.

Matt Hartin

stick Around

Written By: matt hartin

Followed you half way across the country
guess you thought I did it out of curiosity
Never think I’m interested in anything more
Than just another adventure don’t know what I
want for sure

And it’s hard to find you when you’re always
moving around
When you never stay in one place how do you
ever expect to be found
I don’t know why I keep on trying to track you down
hoping one day you’re gonna ask me why don’t
you stick around

Barreled through Ohio when there was nothing
else to see
except for our history and it was passing in
front of me
Wondered what it’s like to live where you can’t
feel the ocean
Wondered what you’ve got to give that keeps me
constantly in motion



Let It Go

Written By: Matt Hartin

Let it go you couldn’t even if you wanted to
By now you should know that baby
There’s nothing more that we could do
Let it go you couldn’t even if you wanted to

Back of your mind those tortured thoughts
Will never do any good
Let it go you couldn’t even if you wanted to

And it’s hard to say good luck
And it’s hard to say so long
Put it all up on the truck
Put the charm on the dash
And then you’re gone

Got your head down now
Cause you know exactly where you’re going to
Never say it out loud but still
I think I know exactly what you what to do
Let it go you couldn’t even if you wanted to

Between the lines
There’s nothing left to think about
Once you see the signs
You’ll know by then
You don’t need to figure it out



LET IT GO the EP 2007 Available at iTunes,Amazon,etc
Track Listing
Let it Go
Stick Around
Just Enough
Money at the Moon
Down South
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