Matthew Heller

Matthew Heller

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Folksinger/songwriter Matthew Heller’s self-titled breakthrough album brings together a wide variety of sounds and genres including folk, indie, and grunge.


Singer-songwriter Matthew Heller’s rock n’ roll folk has the stories, the brave vulnerability, and the painful truths of traditional folk, but it’s just way, way louder. Heller’s unique blend of alt-rock catharsis and protest music messaging is potent and poignant. His latest, Invitation, is a stunning display of raw-nerve emotionality and fine songcraft with a broad dynamic palette that stretches from euphoric rock to introspective ballads.

“This is rock and roll for people who want to f%#@ up shit and break things,” he affirms. “We are the generation of divorce and post heroin-addicted 1990s suburban hipsters. My music is old time American country folk rock with brutal force.”

The Portland, Oregon-based artist has been favorably compared to the Smashing Pumpkins, the Pixies, Coldplay, and Modest Mouse. Like these artists, reviewers praise his fluidity with loud-soft dynamics. His commitment to social activism such as abolishing the death penalty, abolishing the use of lethal unmanned aerial drones, prison reform, and higher environmental regulations, and his bold introspection brings startling immediacy to this timeless aesthetic.
The Portland Tribune insightfully has said: “Two beings seem to be competing for Portland singer Matthew Heller's soul. One is a snarling, ‘Stick-it-to-the-Man’ folk-blues-buzz-rocker who, despite all his rage, is still just slightly less angry than Billy Corgan, although Heller probably has more real reasons for his angst than his multi-platinum counterpart.” Music Emissions gushed: “Matthew Heller is one of the more aggressive singer-songwriters to ever come upon the music scene. And yet for all his anti-establishment candor, has the chops to emerge with hit singles.”


Matthew Heller

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