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""Color My Soul" Reviewed by!"

Keyboardist and composer Matthew’s 2nd CD, “Color My Soul,” continues his Easy Listening / Contemporary Jazz explorations over the course of 10 songs as soothing as they are satisfying. On his new album, Matthew offers up a mix of original piano-led instrumental tunes that hover in the New Age / Adult Contemporary realms, but shakes things up a little with a couple nice vocal tracks (“My Child” and “Letting Go”) from a fine r&b-oriented female vocalist, and a sax-led slice of loungiana (“Saxuality”) that brings just the right touch of after-hours ambience. “After the Rain,” with its very pretty acoustic guitar accompaniment, and the title-track, “Color My Soul,” capture the essence of Matthew’s composition and performing strengths, delivering lilting and memorable melodies to complement whatever you’re doing, or simply to help you relax and enjoy a fine glass of wine with a friend or lover. In all, Matthew’s fine “Color My Soul” CD is a beautiful and relaxing musical soundscape for fans of Adult Contemporary and Contemporary Jazz music.
- Rice B. and the Reviewer Team

"Matthew's Journey St. is an incredible "journey" of music & emotion."

Reviewer: Paula Salinas
Each and every song can take you on a incredible and delightful "journey" of musical sounds. This is by far one of the best new CD's I have heard. I will eagerly await Matthew's next CD! - Paula Salinas (Fan)

"Wonderful, smooth, soothing music"

Reviewer: Gabrielle New
Ever since I got this CD, I have been playing it non-stop at my desk at work. It's wonderful music to work to, soothing yet lively in some places. I'm going to buy a copy for my mother, who loves jazz. - Gabriell New (Fan)


I released my first cd, 'Journey St' in July 2004. In September 2010 I finally followed up with 'Color My Soul' Another Instrumental album with a couple vocal pieces to color your soul.



Being born in the sixties puts me at my adolesent years right in the middle of the eighties. I fell in love with the synth pop era(Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Kraftwork,etc.), and since I had been playing the piano since I was 5, I fell in love with the 'synthesizer'. It took me no time at all to discover that I could write my own music and I started composing at 17. I always stuck with telling stories with music only, instead of using words. I liked for the listener to hear a song and make up their own feelings and stories with the music instead of being dictacted through lyrics on how to listen to the song. My main influence has always been, and still is... Sting. I have always been in awe with his overall musicionship as well as his style. Great Stuff! Being a spawn from the eighties is how my Jazz music has kept that pop format giving it a unique style. My band is consisted of two gentleman. Gentlemen that they are, is key. They are gentlemen and geniuses of their craft. They have been in music for many years and thus, no egos. They know their role and respect that they are to play what I would like them to play. They have their moments to shine and when given those moments, shine they do! I have only put this band together for about a year, and they act as if we have been together forever. We play with sequenced tracks in the set so to be able to be able to play along is no easy task. Being the professional gentlemen they are, it was a breeze!. We take each song on my cd and use it as a starting point and we expand and change each song to make it a 'show' instead of playing something that has already been heard on the cd. We keep the crux of every song intact, we just add and take out a few ingredients to give each song a new a slightly different flavor. That is what sets us apart from other bands. The listener wants to hear a particular song, we are going to provide it in a new exciting way. For example, Rosarito is a four and a half minute song. We expand it to about 8 minutes to give it a new life and take the song through new avenues without losing its original content. Not many bands will do that