Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

All you worn out warriors, fighting your hearts,
blinded by your own blood in your eyes...


Matthew Anderson's 5th and strongest album to date is Lunar Tide (2015), which Jammerzine called "brilliant... like Radiohead if they had gone in a different direction after OK Computer." Lunar Tide has Anderson breaking sonic ground in his intricate control of arrangements--a discipline which he has also put to use in contemporary art music for both vocal and instrumental ensembles. 

Despite his age, Anderson already has a sizable discography. After releasing several solo albums in his early 20s, he took a creative role with the post-rock group Albatross. The band released Invisible, O Let Me In (2011), then refocused as Kairos House and released Dormant Seed with a US tour in 2012. In 2013, Anderson released the full-length eponymous Strongheart. He also toured the US with Brian Campbell that year, playing guitar.
Anderson continues to produce original music. Current projects include an ongoing collaboration with filmmaker Matthew A. Taylor, as well as new material which remains under wraps. Anderson lives in Brooklyn, New York. 


The Distance (2008 - deleted)

Merciless Ocean (2009)

Noble Dust (2011)

Strongheart (2013)

Lunar Tide (2015)