Matthew A. Wilkinson

Matthew A. Wilkinson


Songs of a lonely Canadian. A little bit country, a little bit experimental rock.


I live way up in northern Canada, among the oil rigs and the wintry Boreal forest. Buried deep in the snow is my home, and in that home -buried deep beneath electric cables, old guitars, and discarded synthesizers- I make music.

In this universe of mine Johnny Cash is a great prophet.

In the past I ventured out of the forest, making music with bands on the roofs of abandoned schools, or playing songs for drunken oil workers in army reserve buildings. But now I live alone among the trees, writing songs, and emerging once in a while to share my stories with the wild men of the land.

I also listen to the tales of other great men from faraway places; like in Iceland where men calling themselves 'Sigur Ros' make songs more beautiful than the angels. Or in Brittania, where men with radio heads gave birth to a perfect child and named him 'Kid A.' Or in the great northern land of Sweden where a woman and four men, who are named 'The Cardigans' wrote a symphony called 'Long Gone Before Daylight' -which seemed to echo across the vast ocean a story similair to mine.


Blue Sky

Written By: Matthew A. Wilkinson

If I’d tasted nothing, I’d know there was no use
But now I’ve tasted the end of time, and I’m looking for the proof
No one could ever jail me, for I’d come up too late
and all they’d ever feel was grief, for getting in my way

All that they withdrew me, came up with no clues
The vacant eyes of wonder meant my lies were coming true
If this was all they gathered, they gathered the wrong fruit
The lonely man with his lonely death was really getting through

I don’t want to though
I don’t know how
and my soul won’t go now
I can not convince it to
Looking in their eyes
in the hallways
what I thought I’d find, I
found inside my own eyes


Written By: Matthew A. Wilkinson

As I was walking away from the home of fear
where the walls grew large, where the water weren’t clear
-Looking over my shoulder, but not turning to salt
carrying a guitar and a bottle of hope-
I saw three armies coming up from the rear
I felt the gun in my pocket and I loved it dearly
Then I turned my face to the setting sun
where the desert waters always run

“Oh my soul,” I cried
looking beside where other men had died
Skulls in the sand, gun in their hands
they had white bones all. It was Albino Land
I felt a shot in my ankle and I fell to the ground
I pulled out my gun and I turned around
I saw distant tanks and planes in the sky
My one advantage was the sun in their eyes

In 1999 in the days of peace
I heard a man cry out in the middle of a street:
“You heartless bastard, you sonuvabitch,
I pray God in heaven will never forgive”
It wasn’t the first time that I’d heard those words
but as I lay there dying I felt their curse
so I counted my bullets and dug in deep
and I prayed to the Lord my soul to keep

While the noise of battle quickly approached
my heart was still and my anger a ghost
I squeezed my trigger and fired a shot
but I couldn’t care less which army I got
Then shade covered the sand
and I looked up high to see a wounded man
With one good arm he stared me down
“Regret whatever you want,” he sighed

Missin' My Baby

Written By: Matthew A. Wilkinson

I sat down like John Cassavettes
stuck in some town. A hotel and a bottle of brandy
missin’ my baby
Takin’ shortcuts home over fields and cigarettes
rolled up in sleeves and hidden in jackets. I may be
missin’ my baby

Waking up late over eggs and handshakes
I heard the weather report eleven times today, and lately
I’ve been missin’ my baby

Cuttin’ keys makin’ ten bucks an hour
fixin’ old trucks runnin’ low on power. Baby
I think I’m goin’ crazy

Pushin’ old cans and staring at the girls
and I think I may be dying of sorrow
I’ll do the dishes tomorrow

Every morning “Sure the weather is nice
Its nice, its nice, Goddamnit its nice”
Let-me be
I’m just missin’ my baby


2004 -'Wildflower' EP
2005 -'Sinners' a full length rock album
2006 -'Sleepy Heads' an experimental instrumental EP
and most recently:
2006 -'Suicide Hill' a full length country/folk album