Matthew Bryan

Matthew Bryan


Sad, Intelligent, Beautiful music. A young man questions the ages with passion, resistance, and awe. Arranged in atrractive melodies and unique folk guitar progressions.


He began developing his writing gift at the age of nine, keeping his music a personal ornament years before taking the stage. Reared by a family of musicians reverent to artists such as the Beatles and Jim Croce, his songs and voice carry the characteristics of Lennon and the Appalachian roots. Despite this, Bryan is undoubtedly influenced by modern pop singers such as Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Bjork. It is heard in the way he moves from classicism to jazz, folk to punk, lamentation to condolence.


Recordings 2006-2007 released 2007 self-promo
Live Performance, Goddard Radio, May 2001