Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

A gifted singer and songwriter, Matthew has played and sang with the likes of Tom Cochrane, Sarah Harmer, Rita McNeil, Pattie Labelle, and The Derek Miller Band. In 2007 he released his debut album to intensely postive reviews. He looks now to build his audience one ear and story at a time.


Matthew Campbell began playing music in his early teens in his hometown of Oakville, Ontario.

His roots exist in both musical Theatre as well as the Folk/Rock music scene. He attended Sheridan College graduating in 2002 from the Musical Theatre Performance Program. In his involvement with theatre he has been fortunate to work with The Charlottetown Festival, The Sunshine festival, The Mirvishes, Drayton Entertainment, and Stage West Mississaugua and Calgary, as a singer, actor, instrumentalist, and music director.

He began playing live in college with the group Roadtrips, which was formed by Matthew and his long-time friend and playing partner Ben Birchard, the duo played hundreds of shows throughout Canada. As a musician he had the pleasure of attending Canadian Music Week in 2003 ,and after an impromptu jam session with Jeff Martin of the Tea Party, and Derek Miller (2003 Juno winner), with Matthew on keyboards; he was asked to join Derek and his band in a tribute to Robbie Robertson for his induction into the Canadian Walk of Fame. This was held at Roy Thompson hall in 2003, and allowed Matthew the pleasure of sharing the stage and playing piano and with Sarah Harmer, Tom Cochrane and The Derek Miller Band.

He has played extensively throughout the Toronto music scene as a guitarist, piano bar player, session musician, and singer, since moving to the city in 2002. He has released several EP's over the years (The Regency Suite, Scared Septembers, The Parkhill Days, and No Fixed Address. This year marks the release of his first full-length self-titled independant album, which was released May 5th, 2007.

His style is a mix of many influences in folk, country,roots rock and blues, led by his strong vocal presence and harmonic work. His original music is honest, and distinctly Canadian in feel and roots.


Wasted Call

Written By: Matthew Campbell

A streetlight seeming blue
The curtain opens and theres you
It's time to say hello

And there's your mother standing by
And it gets easier not to cry
In fact it's harder not to laugh

So its just another wasted call
I feel my courage rise and fall
On another rainy day
And still its seems the proper thing to do
Keep on trying to break through
If it was backwards wouldn't you?

And inside you start to change
And you begin to rearrange
All the things you done before

And then it starts to feel allright
And you look forward to the night
It all happens again

So its just another wasted call
I feel my courage rise and fall
On another rainy day
And still its seems the proper thing to do
Keep on trying to break through
If it was backwards wouldn't you?

So here we go, pick up your shoes, let down your hair, and start to move...

Repeat Chorus to Fade

Canadian living an American dream

Written By: Matthew Campbell

Go to my lake
Sit on my dock
Read the Toronto Star
The suns overhead
just rolled out of bed
and it seems like we've gone to far

My farmers can't grow
My sailors can't fish
It snows in the month of May
I'm told what to think
No water to drink
The forests are on their way

And I feel like a Canadian living the American dream
And I don't like it at all

I've been to the east
And I've been to the west
I've been to the in-between
And one things the same
The people are kind
And feel like their not being seen

I care about me,
you care about you.
But it all works out the same.
We've all got a feel
Thats somethings not real
And we're not the ones to blame

And I feel like a Canadian living the American dream
And I don't like it at all
And I feel like, they're holding me down and I want to scream
And I don't like it all

Cause I wasn't born in the land of the free
But if you ask me thats just fine with me
My home looks just as fine from sea to shining sea

So thanks for the fun
Thanks for the laughs
Thanks for the REAL TV
But we've gotto go
There's a country to grow
And thats up to you and me
(Repeat Chorus)

Different Than

Written By: Matthew Campbell

You turned your head as you went to bed and I know there's things that I should not have said, but I needed you.
And I hope that I shouldn't take the blame, but when morning came you had changed your name and it suited you, if not eluded you.
And I had always said, "I keep thinking in my head, that they should simply say goodbye and go their different ways." And she would then reply without looking in my eye, "that doesn't seem a very understanding thing to do".

They found each other years before, when the mushrooms sat them on forest floor, they were different then.
Then a lake slid between them and maybe a rock, but they made all this work without checking the clock, just being happy...being happy.
And from time to time I'd say,"is this getting in your way? Have you really thought of all the things you might be giving up?"
And to this he would reply, "but when i look into her eyes, all i see is everything that I'd be giving up.
Now I understand when the feelings in demand, it can be like turning tattered pages of a book; And with every one I've tried, I get lost when I'm inside, till I finally come around and take a look.
And although I wish he'd try, I can't see it with his eye, and I guess I'll have to trust that this makes better sense then blame.
It's just always hard when you think you've got the card, and you realize you never stopped to learn to play the game.

Hold my hand

Written By: Matthew Campbell

Peace like a river, flowing within her, pull at the splinter there in my finger and hold my hand.
I'm gonna stop it, I'm gonna stop it, blow it right up and laugh when I pop it, and learn to stand.
He was a stranger to my affection, trying to hard to go my direction, and i was like that, yes, I was like that.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hold my hand.

Try to be gentle, to push and not pull. Try to accept them for what they are and hold their hand.
Lower your voices, lower your voices. Whisper so we'll know your sure of your choices, then make them real.
Wait till it's ready, by holding steady, and when it is it will come to pass like all things do, like all things do.

Singing hey, hey, hey, hold my hand.

There's pain in the shadows, pain in the shadows, shine a light over there, but quick so they can't pose or turn away.
Trying to listen, trying to listen, but it's hard when you speak cause your lips start to glisten.
Don't search for approval, on this removal, we all understand that it's probably best if it goes away, goes away.

Singing Hey, Hey, hey, Hold my hand.

Begin to Fall

Written By: Matthew Campbell

The other night I lay awake when I should have been asleep,trying to remember deadlines I should keep . When I lost my train of thought.

Instead of finding a calm before the storm ,I awoke to a loud and angry swarm
reminding me to answer

And I begin to fall...

I had to close the door on what I had, not because it had treated me that bad, but I knew I needed more

But here I was closing in on where that lay ,and I couldn't find strength to make my way
Falling down upon my knees

And I begin to fall
And I begin to crawl

Where have I been all this time I've been away? I didn't plan back then to start to stray
but I guess that's how it goes

I tried to somewhere I felt was warm,and ended up staying longer than the storm. I hadn't felt the rain let up

So now I'm starting slowly back up the hill to try and find a father's shoes to fill. So I can bring them safely home.

And my feet here are sure upon this grass, It hasn't been that long since I went past; to see the other side.

And there's a place here for both side of this wall, just tear it down so it's more or less a hall, with doors that I can close.

And I begin to fall....
And I begin to crawl....

And I'll always think of him and me, when I see a boat on out the sea, waiting for the wind.

Because that's always how we were, so close but so unsure.

Then she Came

Written By: Matthew Campbell

Then she came into my life, and she stayed
I looked back, it was my fault, that's okay
I looked up and I looked down;
What did I see?
A world of folk, starting to choke,
Trying to get free

And in their eyes I saw the things I'd like to be
And in my stare they saw a boy trying to see
And it was hard but it gets easier every day
And I would stop, but I don't know another way

So a fire turns into ice, that's okay
it was nice, not anymore, on my way

And I'm sure there thinking that I'll always be the same
But I laugh at that because I'm not the one to blame

And it's easy to look back and say that it shouldn't have gone down that way
be careful folks there's kids at play tonight...

And oh, and I just start to fumble
oh, with every lie I mumble
never been that good at humble, no

Its a windy day it late september, don't give a fuck if I remember you,
cause now I understand

It's the stupid things that you remember, which is why I'm sure I can't forget her;
but it's easy now I see

So one more walks out the door say goodbye
Maybe then, never again, no time to cry


The Regency Suite (EP)
Scared Septembers (EP)
The Parkhill Days (EP)
No Fixed Address (EP)
Matthew Campbell (Full length debut)

Set List

Carolina Morning
Canadian living an American Dreams
Wasted Call
Different Then
Slow for You
Stronger Everyday
My Dear
I Believe in Us
Come and Go
Hold my Hand
Begin to fall
Sitting There
Have another, Lily
Then She came
(Can perform 2 hours of original material)
(Exstensive catolouge of classic rock and blues covers when required)