Matthew Coles

Matthew Coles

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Matthew Coles' rock-style tunes and brave lyrics break through all the divides in sociality and extend into the hearts of those listening. His unique classical rock genre is an intrinsic reflection of who he is an artist resounding his past in a story so alluring, yet tragically sad.


Matthew Coles delivers a solid set of rock ballads that resound within the echoing realms of Stereophonic. His twangy vocals blend in a melodic alternative to Richard Ashcroft. Born to live for music Matthew Coles has taken his fans by storm.


unsigned at the moment. Single "English Terror" has been aired on radio. Do gig's in and around London. Playing at the Cavern in Liverpool.

Set List

1. unconditional love
2. run
3. hey man
4. supernovia (by oasis)
5. wonder wall (by oasis)
6. Robinhood (cover)
7. English Terror
8. People for peace
9. Sonnet (Richard Ashcroft cover)
10. Drugs dont work (Richard Ashcroft cover)
11.One (U2 cover)
12. Cleaning out my closet (Paul Weller cover)
45 minute sets