Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis


My music is Acoustic-based Contemporary Christian with lyrics that openly explore the themes of "Passionate Pursuit" and "Passionate Parenting" My listeners are lovingly challenged to reject popular thinking and to walk in all that God created them to be.


Matthew is a Singer, Songwriter, Musician, and Author who desires to show his world not only with words, but with his very life that what we are willing to walk away from will determine what God will bring to us and that true joy and lasting peace are found only in our God-given place of assignment. Whether it is a $250K/Year job or a $5/hour job, the message is the same. Whether we were created to be a plumber or a pastor, the heart cry of our Creator still echoes through the canyon of our being. Humanity is literally counting on each of us to bring our own unique perspective and gifting to life’s table. If we are obedient then our society will be changed for the better. Matthew’s music reflects his desire to leave a legacy of transformed lives that begins at home with his “Little Reasons Why” and then spreads beyond his four walls infecting all those who are interested in being part of this Passionate Counter-Culture.


Little Reasons Why

Written By: Matthew Davis


Words and Music by: Matthew Davis

(Jonah 1:1-17, Psalms 127:3, James 2:17-18)

I ran from You Buried myself deep inside this shell
Meaningless, but it paid very well.
I ran from You… Always asking where the punch line fell.
The joke was obvious, but hard to tell (inside this cell).


Then You up and gave me these little reasons why
I should be changing Thinking I’m alright.
You up and gave me a burning desire
To save my words and show them with my life.
Show them with my life…these little reasons why…

I ran from You.. Pictures came to mind, but not to scale.
A longing that mere money could not quell.
I ran from You.. An artist lost behind a corporate veil.
Jonah’s odds were better in that whale. (Or, so it felt)

For many years, I ran away from You.
I thought that I would die and have to say I never knew...

Copyright 2007 Moss Curtain Publishing, LLC (BMI)

Passionate One

Written By: Matthew Davis


Words and Music by: Matthew Davis

(Mark 10:29-31)

Money can meet all our needs....we think
Then comes a longing from deep...instinct
It doesn't mean that your weak
If it's real life that you seek

Passionate One. Giving only half of you
To what mattered most to you
Was like giving none.
Passionate One. Leaving what you liked to do
For something more dear to you
Your time has come
Passionate One.

The world can seduce with it’s lies and hearts sink
Life happens before your eyes don't blink
You are what they really need
A harvest is what you'll receive

Life's like a trampoline At times it is hard to bounce to free
True joy awaits when you leave the mat of what is popular
Look down and see

Copyright: 2007 Moss Curtain Publishing, LLC (BMI)

Hold Back the Hands

Written By: Matthew Davis

Hold Back the Hands

First days Then they graduate
Markers by the hour On their journey
Wax a bit Philosophical
See that all these tears are natural.

Hold back the hands Hold back the hands
If time has left you powerless then stand
Trust in His plans Trust in His hands
Hold on tight to what the Lord has planned for them.

Most days We appreciate
And marvel at their battles Their victories
Empty nest Never comical
If only life was like a carousel

Stop this runaway Out of our control train
Before time pulls away from the station
One more time around that track
And all we see are dusty photographs
We try We try To...

Hold back the hands Hold back the hands
If time has left you powerless then stand
Trust in His plans Trust in His hands
Hold on tight to what the Lord has planned for them


Little Reasons Why (LP)- Released February 2008 on Creative Soul Records

Track #2 "Mini-Me" is receiving some radio play.

Set List

Passionate One
Countin on You Countin on Me
Hurricane Skylar
Like A Song
In the Cafe
What Trouble are Giants?
One Child More
Hold Back the Hands
Sow What You've Reaped
The Chauffeur

A typical show lasts about 1 hour and 10 minutes including a 15 minute break for Intermission.