Matthew Jordan

Matthew Jordan

 Burbank, California, USA

Who says piano can't rock as hard as guitar? Insanely catchy hooks, insightful lyrics, powerful vocals and an intensity of performance guaranteed to blow you away.


"Charismatically gifted... his voice is remarkably expressive... Jordan's musical ability is often stunning." - Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine

"...a vibrant stage presence... Jordan exudes rock star." - Amy Kaufman, reporting in USC's "The Magazine"

"He's a pro, he can just do *anything*." - Vanessa Carlton on MTV "Duets"

"A welcome addition to the family of piano songsters." - John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting

"Why a major label hasn't snatched him up I do not know... he is major-label material 100%" - Alan Ho,

"Think of Mayer and Mraz with the jaw-dropping piano skills of Ben Folds, and you just might get an idea of this 23 year old wonder." - Steven Stewart, NOKIA Music Solutions, Helsinki, Finland

There was never a time when Matthew Jordan didn’t want to play piano and sing.

"I can remember telling the teacher in kindergarten that I was going to grow up to be like Billy Joel," he says, with a soft-spoken smile that suggests a quiet self-confidence. "There was a kid I knew back then who used to sing "We Didn't Start the Fire" on the playground. I came home and asked my dad about it, and he pulled out this huge stack of Billy's old albums. That was it. I was totally hooked."

But even before that, another piano prodigy inspired him. "We actually lived next door to Tori Amos when I was about two or three years old. She used to come over a lot, because my dad was the photographer who did her early pictures. I called her Toe-y."

So, with Billy and Tori looking figuratively over his shoulders, a five-year-old boy sat transfixed at the keyboard for hours... which became days... and then years... until he finally graduated from USC's prestigious Thornton School of Music in 2006.

Having just released his debut full-length CD "Horizon" (Quiet Thunder Records) on March 13th, this twenty-three year old wonder has already established impressive credentials: Nearly 30,000 fans on MySpace; chosen as a featured artist by NOKIA Corp. with his music included both in the rollout of new phones and in their official Podcast at MIDEM 2007; a finalist on MTV "Duets" with Vanessa Carlton; and a starring role in Five For Fighting's iconic and award-winning video "100 Years" in which he plays the wistful 15 year old pianist ("Fifteen - there's still time for you").

But... it's live performance where Matthew really shines. The ability to be passionately into his music while playing, and disarmingly vulnerable and open in between songs is rare, and Jordan has it a hundred times over. Whether performing with his band, or solo (as he will be on his upcoming Summer 2007 tour), Matthew forges an instant bond with his audience.

Of course, it helps that his songs have lyrics and themes to which everyone can relate. "I'm On My Way" is an exuberant anthem to finally breaking out on your own, featuring percussive machine gun piano and an insanely catchy chorus. "Eventually" is a plaintive prayer that a deep love will grow in a heart where none currently exists. "Scared of Love" hits even closer to home, written for a beloved uncle who tragically took his own life in 2005.

But mostly, Matthew's music has a hopeful edge to it. "I try to keep my eye on the big picture," he muses. "There's something pretty overwhelming about being an ant on a marble floating in a random corner of an infinite cosmos. That makes it kinda hard for me to take myself too seriously."


I'm On My Way

Written By: Matthew Jordan & Robert Strauss

Well she said I had no chance
And her condescending glance
Burned a hole right through my soul
It was like a ball and chain
Was wrapped around my brain
I was totally in her control
Knock knock
Anyone home here?
Knock knock
Earth to McFly
Knock knock
Down all the walls if you try


Burn up the tar
On this highway to nowhere
Tear up the map that
My father made
Kick up the dust
On the life that’s behind me
Cause I’m On My Way
Yeah I’m On My Way

Well she said she needed more
Turned the key and locked the door
On this prison of the heart
So I fed on only crust
And I zeroed out on trust
And that’s how it all fell apart
Knock knock
Anyone home here?
Knock knock
Earth to McFly
Knock knock
Down all the walls if you try


Spit on fate
And storm the gates
I won’t be back today


©2004 Quiet Thunder Music (BMI)


Written By: Matthew Jordan & Robert Strauss

I plan, God laughs
Damn tears and photographs
This road never looked so long
Old hopes die hard
Buried in my back yard
These ghosts of love that didn’t last
The future is the past

The highest walls will tumble
Yeah they’ll crumble into sand
And Eventually
The sand will wash away
And leave a patch of barren land
Where a love’s gonna grow
Or I tell myself so
Maybe battered, bruised
And self-deceiving
I’ll never stop believing
She’ll want me

I dream, God cries
We live so many lies
Beneath pale rose colored skies
Two hearts beat wild
I’m still so like a child
So many years and miles to go
This is what I know


Any minute now she’ll see


©2006 Quiet Thunder Music (BMI)

Invisible Man

Written By: Matthew Jordan & Robert Strauss

Regarding you:
You stand in the light
With everyone calling your name
Regarding me:
I’m alone in the night
Awash in the rain
And I’m driftin’ through time
And searchin’ through space
‘Til inside my mind
We’re here face to face


Say yeah yeah
Don’t you know
That this wasn’t
Part of my plan
Hey yeah yeah
Here I am
All raw feelings and nerves
Alone unobserved
Oh say can you see
The Invisible Man?

Regarding them:
They don’t understand
This magnet that pulls me to you
And about us:
I’m a part of your life
But I’m just out of view
And I’m driftin’ through time
And searchin’ through space
‘Til inside my mind
We’re here face to face

I’m over here
I’m over there
I’m everywhere
You wouldn’t wanna be me
I’m out of time
Tryin’ to find
One unguarded moment
When you might see me


©2002-2006 Quiet Thunder Music (BMI)

Scared of Love

Written By: Matthew Jordan & Robert Strauss

Break me
Take a hammer to this concrete
Make me
Take a chisel to this stone
Create me
As someone who won’t have to be alone
Write me
Into happy ever after
Home free
After hiding all these years
I wish you could see me
It’s been hard to be me


It’s a long way back
When you get to here
Yeah staring out
From a broken mirror
Feels tough
You’re just Scared of Love
When up is down
And what’s wrong is right
And you’re all alone
Almost every night
And you fear
You’re just not good enough
There’s no use denyin’
You’re just Scared of Love

Into one too many corners
By the angels in my head
By the devil on my shoulder
Oh I wish you could see me
It’s been hard to be me


Battered hearts
And chains that bind
The darkest thoughts
This desperate mind
I wish you could see me
It’s been hard to be me


©2005 Quiet Thunder Music (BMI)

Someone's Waiting

Written By: Matthew Jordan & Robert Strauss

He packs his letter sweater
He was a real go-getter in high school
He was so damn cool
But then he dropped the ball yeah
See how the mighty fall
Just corporate hell
Buried in all the hard choices
Only one quiet voice says


Someone’s Waiting
Someone’s Waiting
Someone’s waiting for you
Keep your eyes on the horizon
Someone’s waiting for you

She hears her favorite song
And wears fishnets and a thong
A hundred guys
Stare at her prize
Dreams of the Broadway stage
But she’s dancing in a cage
At Fifth and Hope
End of her rope
Buried in all the hard choices
Only one quiet voice says


Someone’s Waiting
Someone’s Waiting
Someone’s waiting for you
Just you listen, you won’t miss him
Someone’s waiting for you

Another desperate night
My hands on these black and whites
I’ve got no life
My sacrifice
Demands this heart and more
But you’re standing at the door
Nowhere to go
And don’t you know


©2006 Quiet Thunder Music (BMI)


Written By: Matthew Jordan & Robert Strauss

She blows in like a summer breeze
And brings the winter to its knees with her smile
She says that I’m her closest friend
And wishes she could find a man like me
So I try to be cool while I give her advice
It’s a shot in the dark
It’s a roll of the dice
Ev’ry time you fall in love you take your chances


Jessie open up your eyes
Jessie read between the lines
He isn’t hard to find
Jessie if you only heard all the thoughts
Behind these words that I can’t seem to say
Afraid you’ll pull away
Jessie open up your eyes

She dazzles me with conversation
And tells me ‘bout some guy she used to know
It’s such a sweetly sad sensation
There’s no way that I’m gonna let it show
So I drink some more joe and I shoot from the hip
While my heart’s on the floor
But I button my lip
Ev’ry time you fall in love you take your chances


(Jessie open up your eyes)
Jessie open up and see me
‘Cause here I am
Jessie look inside and feel me
(Jessie time you realize)

Well I try to be cool but I’m feeling so numb
With the weight of the world on the tip of my tongue


©2002 Quiet Thunder Music (BMI)


Book of Days - EP (released Nov. 22, 2004)
Horizon - CD (released March 13, 2007)

Set List

Typical set list is 10 songs, forty-five minutes, but varies with the venue.

1) I'm On My Way
2) Eventually
3) Falling Down
4) Scared of Love
5) Jessie
6) Blink
7) Invisible Man
8) Miles Away
9) Insomniac
10) Someone's Waiting