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Burbank, California, United States | INDIE

Burbank, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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""Horizon" Review"

Matthew Jordan- 'Horizon'

23 year old piano songster wunderkind crafts one of best indie albums of the year

It's only March 2007 and we already have another album that is definitely one of the best indie albums of the year from what might be one of the top indie talents we overlooked going into 2007...until now. You may already have heard of 23 year piano songster wunderkind Matthew Jordan, who once was on MTV's 'Duets' with Vanessa Carlton and is the "15 year old" wistful pianist playing on Five For Fighting's video '100 Years.'

'Horizon' is the indie debut of the young talent and is a 12-track deep music and lyrical journey into the soul that is Matthew Jordan. There aren't too many new artists between the age of 16 and 25 that have lyrics that hit the heart and soul bulls-eye on but by the second you pop his CD in and 'I'm On My Way' plays, you feel the vulnerability and the power in his lyrics within 10 seconds of the song. The very hypnotic punch gets deepened by his masterful piano-playing along with the band accompanying...I do wish that Matthew elected to find a real drummer rather than what is presumbly a Mac laptop and a drum program as indicated in his credits; that is certainly a weak point in the album.

'Falling Down' is a very good example of the punch Matthew bring. The machine-gun like piano intro grabs you in before the electric guitars and Matthew's voice comes in. There aren't too many musicians, both indie and major that have that kind of grab, save for such acts like Tori Amos, Jason Mraz, and Curtis Peoples. 'Scared of Love' is a very metaphorical love song for the ones still looking for love and afraid to open up to such prospects...the chorus part of the song is very telling: " here/Yeah staring out from a broken mirror feels tough/You're just scared of love/When up is down and what's wrong is right..."

One of the strongest songs in the album is 'Close.' It's both touching, a bit edgy, and has a very powerful chorus line ("Close as dark is to night/Close as angels are to heaven...") without sounding bombastic as such songs of that ilk tends to get overblown. You definitely get hooked into his soul in this song...just like the song title says.

'Jessie' is a very wistful song and seems to be about a guy pining for this girl who can't see the guy that is for her is the man that is singing this song. The song preaches to the guy that pines for a girl who can't see what's in front of her. Jordan gives such situations a lift of hope...another very strong song in the 12-track set.

'Someone's Waiting' is the one of the few upbeat, "hard" songs in the album which suggests that not much daunts the young musician, a rare trait in his genre. Usually an artist who does slower, softer songs and tries his hand at more upbeat songs always has a weak point. No weak point exists for Matthew in this faster, uptempo song about someone's longing for a girl.

My favorite song is 'Insomniac,' I really liked the cello-powered intro of the song, which delves into the story of being lovesick to the point where the character in the song becomes an insomniac. I liked the reference of Novocain, suggesting the character is trying to numb the love he has for someone. I also liked the espresso reference, probably something insomniacs drink to keep awake. The biggest twist is not evident, 'Insomniac' is a dark song in reality with lyrics like 'I don't wanna have to dream about you/Face the tyranny of sleep without you..." The subject maybe seemingly lovesick, but he or she is trying to run away from it.

The album ends with the very touching and poetic 'Passengers.' The allusions to sea-faring are very powerful and would be a perfect song for soldiers shipping out to war or just overseas to their loved ones.

Final word: When I got this album, I honestly wasn't sure...I almost had the impression that Matthew was another Teddy Geiger clone, but wrong on all accounts. Matthew has his own sound, which grabs you within 10 seconds of popping the album in and until the end of 'Passengers and he has a very high lyrical sense, very rare for young talent in today's "whatever makes the money" music world where lyrical sense and everything else gets thrown out the window in favor of pure style. Matthew is both style and substance and that is quite refreshing.

Honestly if the year ended now, 'Horizon' would top Musiqtone's list of the best indie albums of the year but it's only March and for now it is the top indie release that have sat on my desk this year. Why a major label hasn't snatched him up I do not know why, he is major-label material 100%, a rare blend of looks and talent that very few in his age group possess. Dare I say that he is well above young male music contemporaries Teddy Geiger, Ryan Cabrera, and Drake Bell? All three should move over and let Matthew join and lead them in the room. How many 20-somethings can craft an album this good, especially their first? The sky's the limit for this piano songster and expect him to be a force in the indie circuit this year. 'Horizon' will go after the people that have gobbled up those three mentioned above and those who enjoy music from Jason Mraz, Gavin DeGraw, and John Mayer.

Name: "Horizon-" Matthew Jordan
Label: Quiet Thunder Records
Release date: March 13, 2007
Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Written by Alan Ho, Founder -Musiqtone -


“Charismatically gifted... His voice is remarkably expressive... Jordan’s musical ability is often stunning.”
... Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine

“He’s a pro... He can do just ANYTHING!”

"Why a major label hasn't snatched him up I do not know... he is major-label material 100%"
.... Alan Ho,

“A welcome addition to the family of piano songsters...”
... JOHN ONDRASIK (Five For Fighting)

“...a vibrant stage presence... Jordan exudes rock star.”
... Amy Kaufman, The Magazine (USC publication)

“Think of Mayer and Mraz with the jaw-dropping piano skills of Ben Folds, and you might get an idea of this 22 year old wonder.”
... Steven Stewart, NOKIA Music Solutions

From THE NEIGHBORHOOD CUP (an Orange County venue) Newsletter:

It was quite a Saturday night with Matthew Jordan in the house. This was Matthew’s 3rd time at The Cup and he just keeps getting better.  That’s hard to believe after you watch him play that keyboard. I never saw anyone move their fingers so fast and hit every note with perfection. He is amazing!   He filled the place with personality, energetic vocals, great lyrics and all around fantastic music... the crowd was drawn in to stay.  We were fortunate to get a sneak preview of some of Matthew’s new songs. He will be coming out with a new CD soon, so stay tuned. We can’t wait to have him back. So for anyone who missed out this time, check our calendar for Matthews return. We can’t wait!


WOW! Refreshingly Intelligent & Melodic Piano-Driven Pop

Matthew Jordan's BOOK OF DAYS is a revelation. The songs have an urgency and passion in the lyrics and delivery that elevates the material far above the majority of what passes for hits on today's radio. You don't just listen to the emotions... you are almost forced to vicariously live the struggle, loss, anger and hope found in the music. And the songs and melodies are so catchy, you find yourself humming them long after the songs stop. There is a tanglible feeling that you are experiencing something new and exciting...similar to way I felt when I first heart Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes. Matthew's music easily goes toe to toe with the classic piano-driven pop of stars Billy Joel, Elton John, Tori Amos, Ben Folds and Five For Fighting. But there's also an originality in Jordan that shows he isnt just following in the footsteps of the past, but he is also forging ahead with his own style and sound. But words can't do justice to the experience of hearing the album. Click on the link to hear the haunting piano and ache in the vocals of BLINK. This is probably my favourite song from the album, as the lyrics cut deeper than you would expect and stay with you after hearing the song. For those who miss the angry young man years of Billy Joel, check out the hard hit of ANXIETY. Twist a bit to the left for the smooth and super sexy groove of the exquisite SO DEEP. Get lost in the mini-movie storytelling of MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Breathe in the trial-by-fire loss of innocence and survival of STAY COOL. Crank down the top of your convertable (or at least open the windows of your car) and crank up SOMETHING ELSE to blast some summer energy. And get a little spooky with the edgy subtlety of INSOMNIAC. BOOK OF DAYS is an unmissable slice of melodic piano-driven pop. Smart and singable. If this is just the promise of this artists potential in an EP, I am first in line to grab whatever Jordan records in the future. He's that good.

ANOTHER CDBaby "Book of Days" REVIEW:

Book of Days is vibrant, melodic, and attention-getting.

As the first few seconds play, you know you've found something different--something alive. It's always vibrant, even moody. The rhythms go from simply smooth to frenetic but smooth. The arrangements are balanced but not formulaic. The one thing that really grabs my attention is the singing. There is always an emotional edge there--a fire--that you rarely hear anywhere else. You can hear more than that in each song. There is a cleverness in the writing that doesn't trip over itself. Mulholland Drive is almost relaxed in contrast to the rest of the tracks but still has emotion all over it. Anxiety is quite the opposite with a stridency that makes it appropriately moody. The influences on all the tracks are apparent. A couple of times, I caught myself thinking of Jackson Browne's album "Hold Out" because of the straightforward piano and vocal goodness with brilliant arrangement holding it all together. Looking for something that isn't the same old thing? Book of Days is that CD.


"Horizon is ... full of epic moments and heart-on-sleeve lyrics; Jordan runs the album at a flat-out sprint, serving up one big-screen melodic vista after another, and rarely pauses to give himself (or us) time to take a breath... he’s got a clear, limber voice and a knack for catchy melodies... All in all, this is a fairly remarkable effort... Mark my words... this is a special songwriter waiting to happen."

Article about Matthew Jordan on ROCKWIRED.COM :

“One is left wondering why a music industry (if we can call it that anymore), that likes its singer/songwriters, young, good-looking and introspective (i.e. Norah Jones, John Mayer) couldn't have come up with a package like this one. The answer is simple. It takes more than an industry to be as talented as this guy.” - Various sources

""Horizon" Review"

Jordan's nicely packaged full-length CD is bursting with buoyant, melodic, keyboard-driven pop-rock a la Ben Folds. A strong, appealing vocalist, Jordan is also a crafty writer whose songs deliver hooks consistently. Whether an optimistic romp ("I'm On My Way"), a touching ballad ("Eventually") or a familiar riff-driven tune ("Falling Down") Jordan (who's worked in pro situations already) proves himself an artist who could appeal to young women, particularly girls ready for their first crush.
- Music Connection

""Horizon" Review"

Matthew Jordan, a tremendously talented songwriter/pianist/vocalist from Los Angeles, California, sent me a CD that can be used as a perfect example of how to arrange, compose, and perform melodic songs. Even using the term song is almost derogatory because on this project Matthew is actually peforming compositions that are promoted as songs. An intriguing and challenging scenario...but one that he is abundantly qualified to deal with.

Because this project is musically diverse and showcases a plethora of musical influences, Matthew has the enviable luxury of deciding which audience he wants to target. The MTV crowd will surely embrace the up-tempo, piano rockin tune, "Someone's Waiting," with its catchy chorus, in-your-face vocals, and youth oriented lyrics, but adult alternative music lovers will celebrate the jazzy flavored, and beautifully arranged "Jessie," a song about a secret crush that features saxophone and expertly constructed vocal parts.

Also of note are "Blink," which has an instantly memorable intro that simply sounds like beginnning of a song that should be on the radio, and "Insomniac," a poignant ballad that conjures up memories of "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys with its slow, pristine harmonies.

Regardless of what direction Matthew Jordan goes in, a successful and distinguished career is on the Horizon. - The Muse's Muse (


Book of Days - EP (released Nov. 22, 2004)
Horizon - CD (released March 13, 2007)



"Charismatically gifted... his voice is remarkably expressive... Jordan's musical ability is often stunning." - Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine

"...a vibrant stage presence... Jordan exudes rock star." - Amy Kaufman, reporting in USC's "The Magazine"

"He's a pro, he can just do *anything*." - Vanessa Carlton on MTV "Duets"

"A welcome addition to the family of piano songsters." - John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting

"Why a major label hasn't snatched him up I do not know... he is major-label material 100%" - Alan Ho,

"Think of Mayer and Mraz with the jaw-dropping piano skills of Ben Folds, and you just might get an idea of this 23 year old wonder." - Steven Stewart, NOKIA Music Solutions, Helsinki, Finland

There was never a time when Matthew Jordan didn’t want to play piano and sing.

"I can remember telling the teacher in kindergarten that I was going to grow up to be like Billy Joel," he says, with a soft-spoken smile that suggests a quiet self-confidence. "There was a kid I knew back then who used to sing "We Didn't Start the Fire" on the playground. I came home and asked my dad about it, and he pulled out this huge stack of Billy's old albums. That was it. I was totally hooked."

But even before that, another piano prodigy inspired him. "We actually lived next door to Tori Amos when I was about two or three years old. She used to come over a lot, because my dad was the photographer who did her early pictures. I called her Toe-y."

So, with Billy and Tori looking figuratively over his shoulders, a five-year-old boy sat transfixed at the keyboard for hours... which became days... and then years... until he finally graduated from USC's prestigious Thornton School of Music in 2006.

Having just released his debut full-length CD "Horizon" (Quiet Thunder Records) on March 13th, this twenty-three year old wonder has already established impressive credentials: Nearly 30,000 fans on MySpace; chosen as a featured artist by NOKIA Corp. with his music included both in the rollout of new phones and in their official Podcast at MIDEM 2007; a finalist on MTV "Duets" with Vanessa Carlton; and a starring role in Five For Fighting's iconic and award-winning video "100 Years" in which he plays the wistful 15 year old pianist ("Fifteen - there's still time for you").

But... it's live performance where Matthew really shines. The ability to be passionately into his music while playing, and disarmingly vulnerable and open in between songs is rare, and Jordan has it a hundred times over. Whether performing with his band, or solo (as he will be on his upcoming Summer 2007 tour), Matthew forges an instant bond with his audience.

Of course, it helps that his songs have lyrics and themes to which everyone can relate. "I'm On My Way" is an exuberant anthem to finally breaking out on your own, featuring percussive machine gun piano and an insanely catchy chorus. "Eventually" is a plaintive prayer that a deep love will grow in a heart where none currently exists. "Scared of Love" hits even closer to home, written for a beloved uncle who tragically took his own life in 2005.

But mostly, Matthew's music has a hopeful edge to it. "I try to keep my eye on the big picture," he muses. "There's something pretty overwhelming about being an ant on a marble floating in a random corner of an infinite cosmos. That makes it kinda hard for me to take myself too seriously."