Matthew Kush Band

Matthew Kush Band


We are a Rock/Pop/Alternative Band with vocal comparisons to Counting Crowes and the Fray. Some songs on our album use distorted Guitars as the focus, while others use piano. There are also acoustic driven songs on our album, and one piano/vocal. Great, simple songwriting with many hooks


The Matthew Kush Band is based out of Raleigh, NC. They have catchy originals and are known to also redo cover songs in their own style. After spending most of 2006 in the studio working on their CD, they are now ready to get out there and perform, and get their music heard.



Written By: Matthew Kush

As I watch her Sleep
I touch her skin,
I'm in too deep
Hind-sight dreaming about
the years to come

She lived in Alexandria
She'll make time for you,
but never enough

and I'm going to be the superstar
I once dreamed I could be
I'm gonna find my way

She stood at 5 foot 8
never stayed out too late
She'll leave you a message to meet her in the park

She came from Alexandria
She got wild at night,
sometimes a little too much.

And I'm gonna be the superstar that i once dreamed I could be
I'm gonna find my way

If you wanna be the superman above you in the sky
don't look down
If you wanna see whats behind you, just turn around
If you wanna stop the crashing world above you in the sky never frown
You're gonna find your way.

When she finally met him,
Her blood was runnin just a little too thin
Woke up to the world
with her back on the floor
Can't describe the phobia
Everybody just leave me alone


Her people mourn every evening
can't believe what was happening
It's time to adjust if we could only change her mind

Her name was Alexandria


We have recently released our debut album entitled "Relentless".

Set List

We do about 9 originals, and as many covers t fill up the time slot. Our covers range from AC/DC to Brown Eyed Girl to Tim McGraw to a punk arrangement of I think we're alone now..