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Matthew L. Farris

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop Adult Contemporary




"Matthew L. Farris - Rose Colored Glasses"

Fresh from the upcoming EP My Tell-Tale Heart, Matthew L Farris’ Rose Colored Glasses hits the hip hop scene with a fresh air of integrity and an uninhibited, creatively free style.

While a track that quickly captivates for its unapologetic honesty, the pre-chorus defiantly becomes a stand out moment – it offers resolve and respite from the intensity of the verses, a moment to reflect; it’s perfectly lyrically crafted and is followed up by a simple yet alternatively melodic hook. The verses are of course where the details lie though, clearly articulate writing pours through amidst deeply honest observations on the self.

The angst and performative nature of the delivery unites with this classic hip hop soundscape to offer an Eminem or Hopsin style of artistry. In reality though, Farris’ voice is a thing of its own, and there’s far more of a diary-like energy to the lyrics here – things don’t veer off towards metaphor or outwardly descriptive elements all that notably.

Topically detailing mental health issues, isolation, alcoholism and drug abuse, Rose Colored Glasses begs for a brighter view of the world. It’s a deeply relatable concept and Farris’ openness is undoubtedly one of his strongest selling points.

The upcoming EP offers a respectable level of eclecticism but holds close to this now familiar Farris sound. The musical style – often piano-led ambiances with mellow, classic beats – sticks to a certain format, maintaining a particular mood. Lyrically though, Farris digs deep into a plethora of topics.

Alone is perhaps the most experimental and unusual of the playlist, taking a haunting, atmospheric approach, with less lyrical density and just a few distinct ideas at play. Overcome is something of a highlight, subtly tipping its hat to contemporary hip hop but also utilizing melody and space, conceptual depth, to a strong degree. Confessional is undoubtedly one of the more detailed, specific tracks – a piece dedicated to Farris’ father and the impact of his death. A new flow, short rhymes, an emotive soundscape, help draw your attention from the offset.

Undoubtedly an artist paving his own way, staying true to his unique qualities, writing for therapeutic reasons and laying bare an unquestionable truth in the process. - Rebecca Cullen

"Introducing: Matthew L. Farris"

What is your name and what city do you rep?

My name is Matthew L. Farris, with the pseudonym “MFSe7en”, and I’m from a suburb about 15 minutes away from the Southside of Chicago. I have released music under the alias “James Doe” previously as well, but I found it best to just brand myself, as who I've been since birth, and incorporate all of my endeavors under one name (blogs, mixing/engineering, independent film acting, etc).

Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?

I had a goal at the tail end of 2019; Release 5-7 QUALITY albums over the course of 2020 and market each one heavily, as a way to not only make up for a long hiatus but also to give the listeners some insight as to who I am as an individual, no bravado or masks on.

I had a release back in January, “Heaven’s Behind the Clout”, but on March 7th "My Tell-Tale Heart EP" is releasing everywhere and in May I'm releasing my "Swords of Truth" EP, which is rather significant to me. While they're both deeply personal, the former is more raw and aggressive still while the latter is a little softer around the edges, a nice mix of melody and lyrics, and it's also a "cleaner" record. That was done in an attempt to make sure I don't alienate people with my naturally crude humor and trucker mouth. It's really meant to touch on who I've become and what I stand for. I want to reach the people who need to be reached, to help them get through something the way my favorite artists have helped me through tough times

What is unique about you and your music?

I find that there's so little originality nowadays that it's hard to say what is "unique" about myself. I just have had so many different influences that now, as I've matured, I can see how each one has crept into my sound. If there's anything that really stands out, it would be the deeply rooted personal issues I write about, but I try to make them easy to relate to for anyone struggling. I appreciate hip-hop lyricism, but I also grew up on R&B and even some acoustic singer/songwriter stuff, so I try to incorporate that as much as possible. I don't really make "rap" music anymore; I create what I call Adult-Contemporary Hip-Hop

What shaped your music?

In one word......Pain. To expand, the pain and struggles of life combined with growth, maturity, and the willingness to put it all on record in the hope that it can truly connect with someone.

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

I realized in High School that this was something I loved to do, I started writing in like 6th or 7th was after I graduated, working odd jobs, that I realized I can't really be truly satisfied in life if I don't do this, ya know?

What type of music do you listen to?

I still follow a lot of the same artists who inspired me growing up. I listen to a lot of Atmosphere, I love Royce Da 5'9 and his last couple projects. I think Griselda is dope......but I haven't found anybody in this new wave of hip-hop that I can relate to, who I feel is speaking on things that really need to be talked about. I'm hoping to create the art that can fill that void for others. Sometimes I find myself scrolling through random artists from other genres either for different inspiration or just because I'm so tired of the negativity that this genre I love so much perpetuates.

What inspires you to write music?

The people who need it are the biggest source of inspiration. Otherwise, my family, my faith, and my own need to create for therapeutic purposes. And there’s something deep inside of me that I can't quite explain, but it's almost as necessary for me to write music as it is for me to eat dinner and drink water every day. It’s a natural part of my life.

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

I write a couple blogs and articles for sites like Elite Daily and Thought Catalog, usually satirical with a sense of seriousness. The topics can range from how fun it was to party (I don't drink anymore), heartbreak, love, the approach to dating, etc. It's a nice outlet that seems to get decent feedback from readers. Other than that, I'm a huge fan of movies; I play basketball, box, and workout on a very regular basis. I also, of course, love to spend time with my family. My son is 2 and a half and he's just wild, so it's a crazy time right now.

Happiness to you is…

Feeling fulfilled. Knowing that you're doing what you were meant to do, doing it the best you can, and helping people in the process.

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

You're going to get hurt. You're going to get rejected. You’re going to lose more money than you can count. You're going to get booed. You're going to make bad songs. You may struggle for YEARS.

I mean, I still am. However, when even one person tells you that your music helped them get through something, it makes every little sacrifice well worth it, ten times over.

Tell us about your upcoming projects...

I touched on the "My Tell-Tale Heart EP" and the "Swords of Truth EP" above; They're both slated for release soon. "Swords of Truth" is one that I'm excited to get the finishing touches on. The album came so naturally, and I didn't outsource anything for it. No features, no outside mixing, the only thing I didn't do was create the beats. It's personal, it's got something for everybody, and it doesn't even have any profanity on it (wasn't even intentional at first, then it became a personal goal). I'm also finishing up the summer release, "Make-Shift Apostle", which is a little more aggressive but still incorporates all of the elements of my sound. It really has a message though, hence the title. I feel like I need to almost preach about things, try to get a point across. Even the first single, High LI(f)E, is about how drugs had me so disillusioned that I was never truly at a lower point than when I was getting messed up daily on whatever I could get. Pills, booze, coke, etc. I don't count weed in that mix though, it's medicine, but everything else I kind of speak out against nowadays. Not every rapper, and certainly not any kid, should be out there bragging about sippin' lean.

Where do we find you music / music projects?

Everywhere nowadays. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube - @MatthewLFarris. My artist page for FB is ;
For all major streaming platforms, this link will take you to your preferred listening source. -
And for all supporters who want to get access to unreleased music, VIP Tickets, Free merch giveaways, mixing tutorials, behind the scenes video, personal shout outs/tags, and more.....there's my recently created Patreon site for the fans –
I really just want to connect with listeners in a different way. A lot of artists want to reach into a listener's wallet first. I want to reach their spirit first. We're just built different....

Any last words for the readers?

In today's day and age, there's so much you could listen to, that I appreciate every single one of you who listens to me. I really hope something I write can connect with you, can maybe help you through something, can help you understand that you're not alone in the darkness. That's one of the main reasons I write how I write. And please, feel free to contact me. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with listeners, fans, and just people in general.

I’m versatile, so there will be something for everyone coming out this year. - OnlyRealHiphop

"Matthew L. Farris Opens Up in "Rose Colored Glasses""

Matthew goes toe-to-toe with his demons in “Rose Colored Glasses.”

Matthew L. Farris is such an interesting artist, to me. Since his middle school days, the Chicago native has gone through quite the musical journey (He’s been in a duo, has released a few solo projects, and has even had bubbling songs). He has also had his fair share of life-changing experiences. In “Rose Colored Glasses,” Matthew lets us know about some of those experiences while dropping impressive rhymes and a memorable hook in the process.

Sorry for cursing, but I think “Rose Colored Glasses” is deep as s**t! With the song boasting this passionate instrumental that gives off both lonely and hard-hitting vibes, Matthew opens up, rapping feverishly about being broke, dealing with depression, and fighting back the urge to abuse recreational drugs. While I absolutely love the tongue-twisting flow our fearless hero gifts us with throughout the song, I think it is his intricate lyrics that catch my attention the most — what they do is paint a vivid picture of an individual that is simply trying to find happiness in his life. (Who can’t relate to such a message?)

If you are going through some things in your life, “Rose Colored Glasses” will certainly resonate with you! Make sure you listen to the song at the top of the page. Also, stay tuned for Matthew L. Farris’ “Tell-Tale Heart EP;” it releases March 7th. - QD

"New Chicago Sound"

Tha Next Chapter, coming from Chicago's SouthSide, has the ability to blend lyricism with melody to create a sound that's rugged enough for the average hip-hop head but catchy enough for your average ear.
Be on the lookout for more material from the duo and the solo releases and side projects by frontman Matthew L. Farris - WWS Magazine



The Farris Wheel EP

The Farris Wheel EP 2 : Get on Board 

Out of the Darkness Comes the Light (EP)

Magic Mic (single)

Heaven's Behind the Clout (EP)

My Tell-Tale Heart (EP)


Tha Next Chapter - Rockin' (single) 

Tha Next Chapter - Once Upon a Time on the South Side (EP)

 Tha Next Chapter - Hitchhikers Guide to Hip Hop (mixtape)

Tha Next Chapter - Hip hop for Dummies (mixtape)



Matthew L. Farris is not a rapper. And he would prefer to not be referred to as such.

Hailing from a suburb south of Chicago, Matthew fell in love with hip-hop early, and began composing original lyrics in middle school. By high school, he was recording and passing out demos to his classmates. Upon graduation, Matthew created a short-lived rap duo with his cousin, calling themselves "Tha Next Chapter", and releasing a slew mixtapes, but only one EP before the group disbanded. 

Armed with a new mindset, Matthew embarked on a solo career, creating a sound that felt true to himself while pushing the envelope musically. As luck would have it, during what he describes as "dark days", Matthew found himself embroiled in a battle with drugs and alcohol almost immediately after the release of his first and second solo EPs, "Farris Wheel" and "Farris Wheel 2: Get on Board".

 Years later, Matthew has returned and released new material detailing not only his substance abuse, but the self-destructive nature and mental health problems he found himself battling after the death of his father and the dissolution of a long-term relationship. 

Now married with a son, Matthew considers music released after March 2020 to be "religiously secular" as it still has the same melancholy feel but lacks the profanity and vulgarity present in his earlier work. He also at times mentions his Christian faith, as he attributes that to his recovery. 

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