Matthew Lombart

Matthew Lombart

 Canterbury, England, GBR

Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist from England

Simple, soothing acoustic music with gospel, country, folk, and easy listening influences


I have never made any secret about enjoying religion. And I've certainly never made any secret about enjoying singing. So the fact that I've been able to spend a lot of time putting the two together has been a source of unending joy for me. I enjoy singing hymns, the majestic music that exalts Jesus and raises our sights and our spirits. I also enjoy singing the spirituals that give voice to our sorrows and help us ease those sorrows. When I was growing up in Kent, England, my life was influenced greatly by gospel music. We always sang hymns in our church but at home, the family singing consisted mainly of gospel songs. Although gospel songs were always reverential, they had a lot more happiness to them and certainly a lot more rhythm too.
Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, and Jim Reeves are a some of my favourite artists that I've enjoyed listening to over the years. I also have a deep appreciation for songs about love and the amazing feelings that accompany this powerful emotion.
Writing songs about such feelings and experiences that people can relate to brings me great satisfaction and happiness.

Matthew Lombart


'Believe In Him' - CD Album,
Tracks 'Believe In Him' and 'He Touched Me' played on BBC Radio Kent, together with an interview about my values, my life and my music.

Set List


I Thank God
Holding My Saviour's Hand
The Old Country Church
Looking For You
Pretty Eyes
Character Of Gold
Little Miss Mystery
Too Shy To Tell You
+ many more


Can't Help Falling In Love
I'll Never Find Another You
Streets Of London
Ring Of Fire
A Little Spot In Heaven
Wooden Heart
I Walk The Line
+ many more