Matthew Neverusky

Matthew Neverusky


I am a singer/poet whose music is an expression of my life experience. My music is love, pain, and hope in their purest forms. Beautiful saddness. My folk/rock sound and personal work is something that the current market needs alot more of. I am an artist in a time that has so few artists.


I live in Chicago. I have been writing, playing, and perfoming since 2002. I have one singular voice, one singular movement, one singular sound that comes from who and what I am. The world is full of performers and musicians, but there is only one me. With my music and my performance, I bring back art and personal expression to the music scene. We look at Van Gogh and Gauguin to see the world through their eyes. People listen to my voice to hear about the world I see through my eyes.

At home here in the city, I have worked in many of the Rock Venues and Music Cafes in the city and I was the first live performer on Hostage Radio.



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I have made several recordings. I am currently working on a full album that will be released in 2005.

Set List

Give Me Your Love
The Band is Gone
Angel Eyes
Walls of Strength
Man Inside
We're Not Coming Back
Promis Me
Made It

My set can go from 45min to a solid Hour and a half
There are no covers.