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Matthew Neves

New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Pop Rock


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"Album Review - Matthew Neves, Diligence"

Matthew Neves released his third studio recording, Diligence in September of 2014 and is celebrating its success. He is from New Bedford, MA and has been playing since childhood. He has had success in TV when he wrote the soundtrack for a mini-series called, Angles and his success keeps on coming.

Matthew Neves – Butterflies

Diligence is a beautiful display of his talents. It is a pop CD with solid substance decorated with a variety of up tempo and slow meaningful ballads. His vocals have a raspy but soft feel that makes you melt as you listen; an undeniable feeling as if he is singing only for you. He sings with heartfelt emotion that sells each tune with ear catching conviction.


The production is solid and well acclimated to every word. For me personally, I like the song, Butterflies, because it is poignantly sweet with a soft elegant melody. Less is more on this one; a nice solo guitar with a bright crisp sound. What woman would not want to hear a man tell them they make him complete, nice!

Matthew Neves is a rare talent that sounds familiar and well served in the Pop genre. But he has a unique melodious style that is not like anyone else. I’m sure he has his influences, but I cannot hear any one person that stands out other than himself. I believe he has a bright future and a huge career to come. Add the CD, Diligence to your music collection and you can say I knew him when.

I rate this 5 out of 5
Rebecca Hosking – – - Skope

"Album Review - You and Me Matthew Neves"

Review You
Artist: Matthew Neves
Album: You and Me

Capitalizing on the success of his debut album Everybody Dreams, Matthew Neves released his sophomore effort, You and Me, on August 21, 2013. After the Massachusetts native released his debut in 2010, his musical endeavors have taken him from releasing his debut music video to taking on musical production for X-Factor finalist, Jennel Garcia. However, Neves couldn’t stray from pursuing his individual dreams. After working with Garcia, Neves started working on You and Me, the product that now holds 14 tracks. Instead of receiving assistance for the album’s constructions, Neves took the initiative in handing production, composing, arranging, and performing for You and Me. An individual effort, You and Me embodies all that Neves strives to be as an artist, capturing his sense of individuality and uniqueness, along with credible musicality.

Initiating You and Me’s beginning is the first track that is entitled “Impossible.” Immediately, the composition sets the proper tone for the remainder of You and Me. Instead of gradually allowing for Neves to showcase his artistry and ability to embody the rocker-image, Neves delves directly into demonstrating to listeners what talent he possesses. Sonically, the track fulfills the desire to groove, never missing a beat and never failing to keep up the pace. It’s heavily dominated by the percussion, which is predominately powerful. However, Neves does grant himself the opportunity to showcase, slightly, what his vocals are made of. Future tracks showcases his vocals more properly, but “Impossible” does provide insight to the smoothness and swiftness of Neves’ vocals. The lyrics are delivered with such swiftness and mastery: completely admirable. It’s difficult to find a vocalist, contemporarily, who can demand attention with a rocker edge. However, Neves manages to fill that vacancy with effortless edge: it evidently appears natural to him, as he embodies the rocker performance with “Impossible.”

Following “Impossible” is the three-minute track, “Long Way Home.” Though the drums are evident in the previous track, no other song on You and Me places a heavier emphasis on the percussion section. Though Neves makes listeners aware of his grungy vocals that are reminiscent of 90s rock vocalists, like Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, the percussions completely captivate and dominate the song. Each fill is performed with such precision and mastery. The drums do sometimes take away from the focus on the vocals, but not too much. Instead, the song creates an impeccable balance between the two, as it reinforces faith in a rock genre that’s seemingly been lacking passion, at its core.

As for standout tracks, “Searching for Heaven” and “My Dear Anna” are worth of such a titling. “Searching for Heaven” differs in its original light instrumentation, only featuring an acoustic guitar accompaniment, at the beginning, to join Neves’ vocals. In creating an environment of original softness, “Searching for Heaven” provides the perfect setting for Neves to truly showcase his vocals. Though he achieved so on previous tracks, the soft twangy guitar allows for Neves to echo of his raspy, passionate vocals. Think of the construction of a modern-day Western film and “Searching for Heaven” would land itself on the soundtrack. However, “My Dear Anna” differentiates from such. Instead, “My Dear Anna” enforces both country and rock influences, demonstrating Neves’ versatility and diversity. He manages to apply several influences and different genre approaches to each song, truly enforcing his musical range. Continuing to captivate listeners with unique approaches to percussion, the drums dominate the track, again. “My Dear Anna” features mastery drumming, with such an emphasis placed on rhythmic patterns on the ride cymbal, along with inventive fills and the unique addition of sizzling the hi-hat. The percussion performance on “My Dear Anna” contributes to capturing a song of versatility and strong instrumentation.

Completing You and Me is the track entitled “Square One.” As the perfect exit for the album, “Square One” is overpowering, sonically dominating, and truly electrifying. Rather than the drums demanding listeners’ attention the entire time, “Square One” focuses on the instrumental performance from the guitarist. The twangy, electrifying riffs reverberated from the riffs complete the song, for without the melodic strumming, “Square One” would not be the song that it is. The platform created by such instrumentation constructs the impeccable platform for Neves to reinforce that despite any strong instrumentation, that he can still control a track. He easily reinforces his vocal dominance. The perfect finish for You and Me, “Square One” summarizes his diversity, range, and serves as the best way to complete the album.

Overall, You and Me is a remarkable performance from Neves. Such unique, edgy releases restores faith in a lacking genre and grants Matthew Neves endless potential. For now, it is up to him to capitalize on the impeccable products that he has created. Matthew Neves has made an album with a wide-range of influences, including alternative rock, country, and folk. You and Me is an experience and an expression of the musical journey Neves has taken: a journey that certainly won’t be ending any time soon.

Review by: Alexa Spieler, Review You
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5) - Review You

"Album Review - Matthew Neves, Everybody Dreams"

Artist: Matthew Neves
Album: Everybody Dreams
Review by Alexa Spieler

With just his first solo album, Everybody Dreams, singer/songwriter/producer Matthew Neves has taken the Indie music scene by a storm. Representing a musical mixture of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and The Goo Goo Dolls, it's no wonder why Neves is steadily gaining national attention, especially for his work on Everybody Dreams.

For starters, Everybody Dreams is a very diverse album, with Neves playing along to a mellowed out, heartfelt, passionate ballad one moment, and in full on swing with a bit of a 'Maroon 5' vibe to purely pop rock tracks the next. Kicking off with "When Tomorrow Comes," the electric guitar line sets the perfect tone right in the beginning of the track. Neves' vocals chime in along with drums, and before you know it you're sitting in your seat bobbing your head to the beat of the song. The guitar line here is a surefire favorite, especially with the mini-solo around the 1-minute mark. Another guitar solo kicks in around three minutes in, and it’s just pure fun.

Taking a step away from the rocking out is "I Don't Know What You Believe.” It’s more of a laid back track, not exactly a ballad, but definitely more mellowed out. Neves is belting out about a dear love with lyrics such as, "No other girl meant much to me, look in my eyes, what do you see?" The simplicity of the hi-hat is enough to add an extra jolt of energy, while claps join in and a vocal sing-a-long at the end will have listeners clapping and singing along easily.

Stand out tracks definitely include "Jenny's Not Sleeping," "Put On A Show," and "She Said." "Jenny's Not Sleeping" is more on the mainstream, up-tempo, up-beat purely pop-rock side. Accompanied by a nice, grooving shuffle beat on the drums, the guitar is your classic pop-rock line on the upbeats, keeping time with the hi-hat for the majority of the verses. As the song progresses, everything becomes funkier. "Put On A Show" may be what a modern day Elvis Presley would sound like. It's pop-rock, but with a funk edge, with the piercingly beautiful guitar solos and bright, bold drum beats and fills.

Through the progression of the album, Neves only further more proves his musicality and diversity. The album closes with a passionate ballad titled "She Said." It evokes a John Mayer's "Daughter's" type of vibe, a soulful ballad of concerned love with a unique piano arrangement and simple drums. "And baby, baby I know you have a fragile heart, don't be distant. I know you love me with all your heart. Don't you know, I'm your best friend?” sings Neves, ultimately bringing the perfect finish to Everybody Dreams.

Everybody Dreams is jam-packed with originality, variety, and fresh musicality. Take a listen. From start to finish, your ears will be thanking you.

Review by Alexa Spieler
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5) - ReviewYou

"Album Review - Matthew Neves, Everybody Dreams"

Matthew Neves, Everybody Dreams
November 22, 2011

Matthew Neves is a solo artist out of Massachusetts. He is invading the scene with his latest release, “Everybody Dreams”.
Sometimes an artist comes along that makes the dream a reality. Neves is living it and his fans are benefitting from his skills.

This is an outstanding collection of music. Matthew oozes talent as it runs through his veins and pumps out through the recordings.
Each lyric is well thought out and paint beautiful pictures. Musically there is a rocking jazzy edge. Vocally he has a raspy sexy
voice that controls the listener. You are compelled to concentrate on every track and eagerly anticipate the next one.

Each song breathes its own life. It is a suave display of exceptionally high quality. The CD starts off with an impulsive track,
“When Tomorrow Comes”. It gives you chill bumps and sets up the level of what to expect as the music continues.
Then he slides into, “In The End”. This tune is the epitome of cool. Nice guitars with groovy finger picking and solid
harmonies that builds brilliance. The song, “Put on a Show” is my personal favorite. It is a rocker with spot on production.
He out does himself on this one and could have easily left me satisfied by ending the CD there; But, NO. He then throws
in one more slow and seductive grind that compels you to hit play and start the CD all over again. Every song on this CD
deserves a write up all of its own. This is a solid body of work that demands your attention. It is unlike anything I have ever
heard. Matthew Neves created a new genre with his release, “Everybody Dreams”. It is worth the listen and provokes
savory fantasies.

By: Rebecca Hosking –, Skope Magazine
- Skope Magazine

"Matthew Neves making noise with solo album"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Matthew Neves Making Noise With Solo Album
Indie recording artist Matthew Neves has been steadily gaining national attention as a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. He released his first solo album, Everybody Dreams in late June of 2010. Since then, he has been gaining popularity as songs from the album have reached over thirty-thousand internet plays.

Everybody Dreams is a collection of contemporary Pop/Rock songs that showcase Matthew's broad range of musical prowess. Every song on the album was composed, performed, and produced by the artist himself. The album has been picked up by major Internet digital music distribution sites including iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, Napster, Rhapsody, MooZone, Zune, Jango, Great Indiemusic, CDBaby, and DigStation.

Everybody Dreams was selected for review by IAE (I Am Entertainment) magazine, one of the fastest-growing digital interactive entertainment magazines on the web, and received a perfect score of 4 out of 4 in the December/January 2011 issue. In her review, Leslie White wrote "Great songwriting, remarkable lead vocals, and awesome production, you won't be disappointed."

Matthew is an independent unsigned artist who has worked with companies such as The Planetary Group, CDBaby, TAXI, Sonicbids, and Jango Airplay to distribute and promote his music. He has also utilized the social networking sites Facebook and MySpace to connect with over 3,300 friends and fans.

In his first big live show, Matthew performed for an audience of over 20,000 as the opening act for Chuck Negron, formerly of Three Dog Night, at the world renowned Feast of the Blessed Sacrament in New Bedford, MA. His next big show was with Nina Sky at the Sky Room, the hotspot of the local music and club scene.

Matthew is planning a Northeast tour in 2011. His ambitious plans have been bolstered by his growing success on the airwaves. Locally, two singles from the album have won a coveted spot on the playlist of Cape Cod's highly popular rock station, PIXY 103. In November, 2010, Matthew used The Planetary Group to launch a national radio campaign which has yielded regular rotation at over 70 stations nationwide. He has also begun production on a new music video with SOS Boston that will feature the single "In The End" from the Everybody Dreams album.

Matthew's passion for music is his driving force. He performs regularly at local venues and continues to compose and record in his private recording studio. Matthew plans to release a few singles in 2011 and perfect a new batch of songs for an upcoming album in 2012. In a recent interview, Matthew stated "My ultimate goal is to reach international audiences with my music." As he sets higher goals, Matthew's strong work ethic and passion will continue to guide him in his blossoming career.

For more information on Matthew Neves check out the following websites:
I-Tunes- - Mickie's Zoo

"Music Reviews: Matthew Neves - Everybody Dreams"

Score: 4 / 4 Location: Massachusetts Genre: Pop/Rock
Key Tracks: All
The Goo Goo Dolls, vocally, with a Maroon 5 vibe. I’m a big Maroon 5 fan,
so that’s saying a lot! Matthew has a very commercial voice that he can
change up when he wants to. He has a naturally smooth tone, with the
ability to get a little gritty as well. “Everybody Dreams” runs the gamut of
styles from high energy pop/rock tracks, to passionate ballads.
I’d recommend checking buying this album. One of my personal faves is,
“In the End.” I love the guitar on this song. Great songwriting, remarkable
lead vocals, and awesome production, you won’t be disappointed.
-Leslie White - I Am Entertaiment Magazine


Album: You And Me - Released 2013

Album: Everybody Dreams - Released 2010

Album: Diligence - Released 2014




Matthew Neves was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts on May 2, 1984. He got his first guitar when he was four and taught himself to play. At age ten, Matthew was writing and producing his own music. By twelve, he could proficiently play guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

In 1998, Matthew founded DemoticA, a three-piece Rock/Metal band that performed solely original music. The band released two albums; “The War Against The Trend” and “Unbreakable.”

From 2005 to 2007, Matthew wrote and produced many songs in his private recording studio including soundtracks for the television mini-series Angles.

In summer 2008, he performed at the Regatta, one of the biggest nightclubs in New England's South Coast, to promote his new single “Not Gonna Wait.”

In July 2008, Matthew opened for Chuck Negron (former Lead Singer of Three Dog Night) at Madeira Field in Massachusetts. Matthew performed renditions of songs from various projects with brilliant execution, before a highly energized audience of over 20,000.

In December 2008, Matthew performed at the sold-out Sky Room in New Bedford, MA with national headliner, Nina Sky.

In June 2010, Matthew released his debut Pop/Rock album entitled, “Everybody Dreams.” This world-class album features ten captivating songs, all of which were produced, composed, arranged, and performed by Matthew. The album got rave reviews including a 4/4 in IAE Magazine and 5/5 in ReviewYou. “This is a solid body of work that demands your attention. Matthew Neves created a new genre.” –Rebecca Hosking, Skope Magazine.

Matthew aligned with The Planetary Group to launch a national radio campaign. The campaign has yielded regular rotation at over 70 stations nationwide.

2011, Matthew released his debut music video entitled, “In The End.” The video has been has been well received in many media outlets including MTV and YouTube. Matthew also joined with Amy Winehouse, Pitbull, Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West, Timbaland, Aaliyah, Marsha Ambrosious, Prince, and Missy Elliott with a full page spread in G3 Magazine. He was also featured in Music Now Magazine with other artists including Rihanna, Chris Martin of Coldplay and Evanescence. 

In January of 2012 Matthew stopped performing at live events and began focusing on music production. He wrote and produced songs for X-Factor finalist, Jennel Garcia and also began working on his sophomore album, "You and Me."

In April 2013, Matthew performed with Jennel Garcia at Nagle Auditorium in Fall River, MA. Matthew and Jennel also performed before a sold-out audience at the Showcase Live (Patriot Place) in Foxboro, MA. 

On August 21, 2013 Matthew released his second album "You And Me." The album features fourteen original songs, all produced, composed, arranged, and performed by the artist himself. The album got rave reviews from critics including a 5 out of 5 stars from Alexa Spieler of Review You: "You and Me is a remarkable performance. Such a unique, edgy release restores faith in a lacking genre and grants Matthew Neves endless potential." Ray Cavanaugh of Skope Magazine wrote: "Neves sure can shred when he wants to. Goodness me, sounds like New Bedford has its own Dimebag Darrell!"

In October 2013, Matthew released his second music video "Eyes of an Angel." His third music video entitled "Impossible" followed in December. Both videos yielded thousands of new fans on MTV and YouTube.

In January 2014, Matthew was the featured artist in SOCO, New England's favorite magazine with a four page spread. 

In April 2014, Matthew was endorsed by Time Stop Studios Photography and was featured on life size billboards in shopping malls across New England. 

On April 21, 2014, Matthew launched a Kickstarter campaign for his third album and it was successfully funded for over $8,000 in 30 days. 

On August 2,2014, Matthew closed out the night performing at the Madeira Festival in New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

On August 16, 2014, Matthew headlined the Summer Soiree at the MG on the Halifax in Hollyhill, FL, The sold-out event was sponsored by Mercedes Benz, Remax Signature, and Kids Beating Cancer.

On September 6, 2014 Matthew released his third album "Diligence." The album features twelve original songs, all produced, composed, arranged, and performed by the artist.

On September 7, 2014, Matthew released his fourth music video, "Butterflies", from his "Diligence" album. The video has been steadily gaining popularity on MTV and YouTube.

Matthew is scheduled to release several videos in 2015 and another album in 2016.

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