Matthew Pickup & The Movement

Matthew Pickup & The Movement

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Matthew Pickup & The Movement is a masterful blend of musical stylings - starting with a solid base of well designed vocal melodies and hard to forget hooks, backed-up by a rhythm section that inserts a fresh breath of energy and intrigue, while thick guitars push the point home!


Matthew Pickup & the Movement are a dual action Alternative act, based on Canada's East Coast. Critics praise their music as not being limited to one genre, rather drawing on groovy blues elements like Hendrix or Zeppelin, then in another breath creating soulful folk, like Fleet Foxes or Ben Harper.

While listening you’re either nodding your head, tapping your toe, banging a beat on a table or closing your eyes getting lost in a melody. This music truly evokes movement both physical and internal, with each note or beat planned to make you move. 


Debut full length album: "Pursuit of Symmetry" (2009)
-with reviews in Exclaim!, Cosmos gaming, and more!

With singles:
"Make Me Move" (featured on rock giant, Q104)
"Trouble City" (featured on Eastlink television ads)
"Wanted You to Know" (featured on CBC national radio).

Sophomore album: "Learning to Lose Control" (2011)

With singles:
"Bring me Sunshine" (Spent 4 weeks on East Coast Countdown's top 10, and has been featured on Halifax's 'Live 105')
"Through the Asteroids" featured on the Atlantic Film Festival's 'Music & Image' compilation
"But it's Never You" (featured on CBC national radio)
"Lose Control"

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Set List

A typical set (of which 1-3 can be performed) ranges from 35-50 minutes.

We are predominantly an original act and perform our own blend of top notch material, including:

From "Pursuit of Symmetry":
Make Me Move
Trouble City
Colours Fade
Wanted You To Know
My Mine
Poor Man's Riches
Entrenched in Comfort

From "Learning to Lose Control"
Bring me sunshine
Lose Control
Leaven in the Dough
But it's Never You
Up your mind
Light Protection
Steal Me
Can you feel the music?

And always introducing new material:
My Name Is ...
Still Taking Pieces
Don't need to stop
...and more

-We also like to mix in some covers now and again to add some familiarity for our audiences who may not recognize our material.

Bands we often cover include: The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Doors ... and many other artists who help add some spice to our sets.

No matter where we play, or how many people we are playing for, we pride ourselves on p