matthew reveles

matthew reveles


picture gram parsons,the grateful dead, brian jones, and kris kristofferson riding a city bus with hank williams driving, picking up along the way, the likes of blaze foley & buck owens. and over the loudspeaker paul simon is gently humming a tune.


Matthew Reveles is a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter from Tempe, AZ. He is currently accompanied by his live band. Collectively they are known as Matthew Reveles & Fancy Cloud and can often be seen performing for any wide variety of audiences. Matthew, usually along with Fancy Cloud, regularly performs at bars, clubs, and galleries around Arizona and anywhere else in the southwest that will have him. He has also opened for several national touring acts including Tim Reynolds, Steve Forbert, Dave Wilcox, Jesse Collin Young of the Youngbloods, and Steel Train. He also performed at a showcase during the 2006 South by Southwest Music Festival, where he played alongside Kris Roe of the Ataris, and Limbeck. Through word of mouth, great live performances, and the circulation of over 500 copies of his self-released EP dubbed the "tape deck EP", Matthew has steadily developed a fanbase.

In May of 2008 Matthew's debut full-length album, We'll Meet Halfway, was released on Independent Freedom Tribe, a budding indie record label based in Tempe, Arizona. True to form Matthew performed most of the tracks on the album, from guitar, bass and drums to clarinet, lap steel guitar and kazoo, just to name a few. But he also sought out long time friends Russell Shacherer (banjo), Jeremy Locarni (piano) and Dustin Cleary (percussion) for some additional instrumentation and writing. From start to finish, this debut album is sure to satisfy a wide variety of palettes, even of the most discriminating music lover.

Matthew's influences stretch across a wide spectrum of genres. His most immediate and perhaps most evident include artists such as Hank Williams and Gram Parsons. While the versatile Reveles is mostly happy playing songs with that country swing to it, he also finds pleasure in fun lovin' 60's era pop and psych bands such as typical Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys as well as the more obscure and certainly more experimental Blues Magoos or Blue Cheer types likewise.


matthew reveles - tape deck ep (2004)
matthew reveles - we'll meet halfway (2008)

Set List

our typical set list is comprised of original material. for longer sets or if we are feeling fancy, we may play a neil young or hank williams song, or any number of other crowd favorites.

TYPICAL SET LIST: (in no particular order)

Danny Boy
Late Night Lullabies
Mile of Defeat
Dec 11th
Maggi Magpie
New one for reals
On a Freeway Overpass
Oh My Lord
It's always sunny...
The Record Was Scratching
That Girl
Maybe Sometimes