Matthew Richard Young

Matthew Richard Young

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I am a new band out of the Atlanta area trying to get started. We play pop/rock that appeals to the college-adult demographic. We play our set plugged in and amplified as well as play stripped down/acoustic.


“This is the start of something new.” Those are the first lyrics to Matthew Richard Young’s debut album and could not be more fitting to the career of this breakout artist. MRY has spent the last several years crafting and honing in on a music and style that is all his own. Songs born on an acoustic guitar that, through hard work, re-work, and dedication, have come to life in a multi-instrumental rock sound so big that it can push down the walls of an arena. MRY’s path in music is as humble as the man himself. Starting with nothing other than a drive to be in the music biz, MRY worked his way into the industry side of music. All the while, he spent years writing and recording, and learning what it takes to find a style/voice that set him apart as an artist. From there, MRY hooked up working with Robert Hannon (Grammy winning engineer), Joseph Patrick Moore (Grammy nominated), Yon Rico Scott (Grammy winning), and Buzz to create this debut rock portrait. “I knew that singer/songwriter thing had been done before, so I knew I needed something that could take me to the next level of music and energy I was feeling inside” says, MRY. That dedication has resulted in a amalgam that shows respect to guitar greats and disciplined songwriters alike, all the while, representing an “I don’t give a Fuck” attitude that makes MRY energetic and edgy. So now, at the beginning of this soon to be well established career, MRY will continue to offer songs from is ever-adapting, all encompassing style that appeals to anyone who likes good rock music.


A Damn Good Demo