Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw



Since his days growing up in California, Matthew Shaw has shed the bright southwestern sunshine and fully embraced the grey of his current landscape, Seattle, Washington. Following the success of his 2004 full length "Ghosts in the Concrete," Shaw unveils his brand new EP "Convenience" finding influence and comparison from artists such as John Vanderslice, Headphones (Pedro the Lion's David Bazan), and even stretching to Jawbreaker and Statistics.

Continuing the bittersweet indie pop of "Ghosts in the Concrete," "Convenience" also shows Matthew Shaw expanding his sound to include live drums, strings, and even darker synth, at times giving the record more of an organic, full band feel. Not satisfied with producing one consistent sound, and inspired by his time spent on stage supporting "Ghosts," Shaw has pushed himself to take steps outside his comfort zone. Creating and evolving, "Convenience" was given a fresh sound while Matthew explored the monotony of relationships and lost love.


Ghosts in the Concrete 2004 LP (Burning Building Recordings)
Convenience 2005 EP (Burning Building Recordings)

"The Drunk" and "Deadlines and Days Off" are the most commonly played tracks from "Convenience." Both have received airplay on KNDD's (1077 The End) NW music show, and received regular rotation at KEXP 90.3.

Set List

The King of California
Late Nights
Sink in the Sea
Constant Movement
Deadlines and Days Off
The Drunk

40 min.

No covers, all originals.