Killie McGee

Killie McGee


I write the songs that make the whole me sing.


Matt grew up in a house filled with music. His older sisters were both in orchestra and vocal programs growing up and his father was a music teacher and jingle singer. Matt followed the same route, learning various instruments and singing in choirs and solo classical music until he was given a guitar one fateful morning.

A few weeks later he had learned enough chords to start writing his own material and has never looked back since. Matt's songs range from quiet, introspective ballads to full blown rock anthems with a few left turns here and there. He has written over 75 songs over the last decade and is in the process of getting everything recorded into a master library.

In addition to writing, Matt can always be found playing in various local bands, be they original or cover. He is currently playing guitar and singing backups for a cover band called The Big Eagle Band and can be found rocking away in west suburban bars on any given night.


Devil To The Stars

Written By: Matthew Stone

when i was a little boy
stealin' all the
other children's toys
oh no oh no
mama said "son,
the devil will take you home"

back in school
the teacher said
"you'll wind up in jail
or even worse off dead"
oh no oh no
but I smiled
as I laid upon my bed

from 18 on to 21
the girls all seemed
attracted to my gun
my shining gun
cuz after all
thats how the west was won

at 21 i drank the rye
i needed more
so i robbed the liquor guy
and watched him die
cuz before i left
i shot him in the eye

from 21 to 25
i looked for god
but then i realized, i realized
that old book was nothing
but a bunch of jive

got busted at the corner store
girl turned me in
the filthy no good whore
that no good whore
and just because i always wanted more

they took me down
to the electric chair
and all around
was the smell of burning hair
of burning hair
and i fell to my knees
and began to say my prayers

and just before
they hit the switch
the jailman said
"this'll hurt like a sonofabitch"
and it was a sonofabitch
but the devil shook my hand
as i hit the pit

now the devil said "son,
you've done real good,
but the book is real
and hell is Hollywood
and I can use a man like you
in the neighborhood"

then the devil said "son,
I'm getting tired,
if you want the job
well then I'll say
you're hired.
You seem inspired!"
so I took the gig
and I cast him into the fire

and now you see me
in the bars
gladly playing
devil to the stars
on my guitar
and i drive around
in big expensive cars
yes sir,
i'm the devil to the stars