Matthew Voth

Matthew Voth


 Reminiscent of the sounds and inspiration of early Van Morrison, The Band, Neil Young and Ben Harper, Matthew Voth's compassionate voice brings an authenticity and unflinching honesty that give deep resonance to the songs of the "Katrina Set"


I had an opportunity to go to New Orleans in September of 2005 to work as part of the "relief effort" following hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and was inspired to write about what I saw. The result is a body of work that transcends the event to speak to larger issues that affect the human condition. After years of touring and recording as a bassist/vocalist for numerous artists, I have gained the experience and maturity necessary to create this emotive and beautifully crafted music which will find it's way to the heart and speak to the soul.


From Now On

Written By: Matthew Voth


voices carried on the wind wail without reprieve
and now I too cry for all that I must leave
my roots here are deeper than the Cypress trees
that drop their weary branches in the pools of memory
but under the sun, I'm not the only one
we're in this all together from now on, now on

winding past deserted streets and mountains of debris
I follow this familiar course of forgotten history
we'll only reach the safety upon that further shore
standing on the shoulders of those who came before
so don't come unhinged, they're here to clue you in
that we're in this all together from now on, now on

no book you hold in your hand nor the polish on your shoes
can offer refuge when the eye turns on you
no lofty ground exists to which we can lay claim
the broken ship of righteousness lies under the wave
better hold fast, this wreck was built to last
and we're in this all together from now on, now on

Maybe You

Written By: Matthew Voth

we covet every tragedy and hold it to our hearts, then consume that which tears us apart
when the stars we've created fall back to earth, we'll defend our sympathies for all they're worth
longing for a time that was, mistaken meanings, in search of a meaning or a cause
professing indignation, or feeling sublime, we react to ourselves in real time

maybe you were what I wanted, as if I ever knew
right from wrong, love from solitude
maybe you were what I needed, though I would not come along
I lose myself when I turn you on

reality can't be conveyed, love and death and hope and faith, all of the rest they can be contrived
offering a new diversion from spiraling debts and foriegn incursions, blink as the world burns alive
forget the words you may have heard, our deeds will prove again, morality and truth are relative
despite the judgements and the lies, we must not dial out this holy mess that cannot be brushed aside

maybe you...

Freedom Isn't Free

Written By: Matthew Voth


the gasoline has gone over three, corporate profits are toppin' the trees

sending all the jobs overseas and now the only option is the military

so clean your plate and watch TV, dare to be all you can be
just remember, freedom isn't free

papa shot in Iraq, momma left a cryin', baby pays the bill- no debt left behind
feed 'em and bleed 'em just a little at a time, keep 'em propped up and keep 'em in line
are you starting to feel the squeeze? the one that has you on your knees?
don't forget, freedom isn't free

our diplomacy reeks of lunacy when we say "bombs away!"
and we'll only lift you up if you're in the way

the stench of death is on the breeze, it's always worse down on the street
look into the faces of the people you meet, pride always comes before defeat
and when you ask what this all means, and what's the logic behind the scenes
the final answer is: "freedom isn't free"

look at all the stuff just waiting for me, how's about a boat or an HDTV
and though it costs money I'll never earn, these are the things that I deserve
our lives could be like a day at the beach, feeding the sharks our very eye-teeth
and while our homes sink into the sea, we'll try to remember that freedom isn't free


EP- The Katrina Sessions

Set List

The Katrina Set - 9 songs
Nuclear Love Set - 9 songs