Matthew Warren

Matthew Warren

 Columbia, South Carolina, USA

If you had a young, good looking, all-American country singer with the stage presence like that of Dierks Bentley and Keith Urban, with a unique voice and unique songs that could get the crowd hyped up and involved like so few performers are able to do, would you be interested?

You've found him.


Born and raised in the Columbia, SC area. My mom and dad raised me to work hard as well as work smart. My dad owned and operated his own moving company for much of my childhood, which had me moving people's furniture and boxes out of a hot moving truck all summer. My mother was, and still is a high level English teacher, who always had me wanting to kill myself at the kitchen table everyday forcing me to do my homework.

My passion in life for a long time was baseball. I played every season, and even some fall ball, from the time I was about 5 yrs old till I got into high school. Which is when I learned to play guitar and sing. I had no idea at the time that this idea of singing and playing music would become my new passion in life, but little by little this new passion took over.

I began playing rhythm guitar in my church youth praise band, and soon ventured out to become a guitarist and front man in a christian rock band with some of my closest friends. We had a lot of fun, played a lot of shows, and made a lot of memories we all look back on and laugh about today.

This is what got me started doing what I'm doing today. I've always loved country music. Besides Elvis Presley, it has always been the most influential genre to my own style and original material. Now that I'm on my own as a country recording artist, I've got a little more freedom to be myself and to write and play the kind of material I've always wanted to sing and play.

As far as my country music influences, I'd have to say Dierks Bentley, Dean Brody, Clay Walker, Eric Church, Blake Shelton, and Joe Nichols would be a few.

Thanks for taking time to get to know me a little better. Don't forget to check out my official website for the latest news and updates on upcoming events, shows, and album releases

Hope to see you out on road sometime soon.
Matthew Warren


Wondering About You

Written By: Matthew Warren

Verse 1:
Young and Dumb, That was us
In This Town, long ago.
Just tonight, I realize
I just never let you go

Well I don't know what to do
Or if you even care
Or what I want from you
I'm just sittin here tonight
Wondering About You

Wonderin if you still think of me
If you could see yourself, ever back with me
Well, frankly girl I'm scared of what you might say
That's why, oh oh
I'm just sittin here tonight
Wondering About You

Verse 2:
All the places we went
All the fun we had babe
I keep tryin to forget

But your memory girl it just won't quit
It haunts me night and day
I just can't get away
So I'm just sittin here tonight
Wondering About You

Chorus 1x



"Wondering About You" - LP

-Currently in the final mastering stages, scheduled for a late fall/early winter release.

Set List

-Down the Road I Go
-Is It Ok
-Don't Want Her
-Summer Starts Tonight
-Go Crazy
-Wondering About You