Matthew Worden

Matthew Worden


David Grey, James Blunt, Damien Rice, Dave Matthews, and James Morrison went out for drinks and they invented Matthew Worden. He's brought something new to the singer/songwriter genre: an accomplished sense of dramatics, emotion, and style that keeps his music music from ever becoming earthbound.


It’s the end of the night and you’re walking out of the bar. The streets are wet and the air is cool. Streetlights, shadows, and two last cigarettes are your only friends. How do you feel? What are you thinking about? Who do you miss? Would you sing your heart out and tell the rest of the world about it?

Matthew Worden would… and does on his third release; ‘Cobblestone Streets and Endless Sounds’. Cobblestone Streets runs the gamut of emotions one may feel in life. "From regret... to triumph in trusting your feelings, to self doubt, to being kind but weak - these are just a few of the issues I've dealt with in these recordings," he says. What makes this album special for Matthew is all the songs were written while he was in New York City. Matthew says, "The title itself is a tribute to the history and character of this great city."

In step with this history and character Matthew dug deeper on this album. "Life is not just the passing of time, it's the collection of experience and their intensity. I saw this album as a unique opportunity to examine these experiences." Because this writing experience brought more emotionally charged songs, it wasn't the easiest on Matthew. "Socrates once said, 'the unexamined life isn't worth living', but I'd like to append: if one examines it too much they're bound to drive themselves crazy - because writing this was murder."

Expanding beyond his traditional sound, Cobblestone Streets is the first of Matthew's albums to be recorded with additional instruments. "While I still write songs for acoustic guitar, I felt a few songs on this album needed a little something extra and my music writing has improved enough where I felt confident writing parts for other instruments."

Beyond “Cobblestone Streets and Endless Sounds”, Matthew is a fixture in the New York music scene, frequently playing shows at Sine, The Cutting Room, and The Marquee Lounge. His song “Go” was featured on the soundtrack for a production “Sonnets of an Old Century”. His song “All of This” was featured as Song of the Day on His music is featured on eMusic, iTunes, MySpace (, as well as his webpage


All of This

Written By: Matthew Worden

Coming down on the others side of all of this
Now they can see the ways that they were wrong
And when I start to think about all of this
I start to laugh and crack a smile

They said the hill too steep
The walk too long
The river too wide
The current too strong for us

Coming down on the other side of all of this
Sitting on a rooftop and drinking wine
Now we’re drunk from all of this
We had too much and woke up the whole town

Coming down on the other side of all of this
What have we learned with ten years gone?
Nothing about all of this…
…except we were right!


LP - Cobblestone Streets and Endless Sounds - 2006
LP - Close out The Night - 2005
SDTK - Sonnets of an Old Century - Features the song "Go" - 2004
EP - Things Come Back to You - 2004

Set List

Typical sets run from 45 minutes to 2 hours, rarely plays covers.

- Found
- All of This
- Into the Night
- My Darling
- Made Alive for Me
- The Ballad of St. Marks
- Last Days of Smoking (NYC)
- In it Without You
- Past Polite
- The Umbrella Song
- Mumble
- The Joy
- and many, many more depending on lenth of set