Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright


As a solo artist Wright blends pop sensabilities and vocals with jazz harmony and a variety of rhythms. As a band, the trio fuses pop, funk, latin, rock, and jazz together for an eclectic mix, all done using acoustic instruments.


They're like a jam band without all the long guitar solos. Imagine the songwriting of Stevie Wonder, the instrumentation of Jack Johnson, and the spontaneity of Jeff Buckley. This band can adapt on stage in the moment, making each performance unique and fresh but always bringing you back with the melodic hook.

Wright, Mars, and Gettys met at the School for Music Vocations where they studied classical, jazz, funk, and R&B. Shortly after meeting they recorded, "A Ways to Go" at Southwestern studios. After spending some time in Seattle/Vancouver Wright returned with new repertoire and an evolved acoustic sound.

"When new people come to shows they're always surprised to see our setup," says Wright. "They say, 'Upright bass, cool. You don't see that everyday.'"


A Ways to Go - 2003 independent
Solo acoustic demo - 05 independent

Receives play on,
WSUI - Iowa City
KCCK - Cedar Rapids
KRUI - Iowa City

Set List

2-3 Hours of 90% original material

1-2 hours preferred