Matt Hill Music

Matt Hill Music

 Greenwood, Indiana, USA

Matt’s debut EP entitled, “Stories Often Missed” tells about journeys that often go unnoticed. Those who hear Matt's music do not just understand, but also feel how this versatile and talented young man relates and connects to the world around him.


Raised at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Matt Hill’s music is strongly influenced by his Scottish ancestors who settled the region more than 100 years ago. The jigs, reels, and airs of Scottish traditional tunes inspired Matt to study abroad at the National Piping Centre in Glasgow . He studied Highland bagpipes and tin whistles with internationally acclaimed Scottish musician, Findlay MacDonald. Now back in the United States, Matt travels with the internationally known band, “Highland Reign.” The band recently released their newest CD, “Seven White Ponies” and is set to tour Scotland and Ireland in 2012.

Matt has also spent time in Amsterdam, Netherlands studying percussion under several world-class percussionists including Nancy Zeltsman, Jack van Geem, and Theodor Milkov. In May 2011, Matt graduates from Anderson University with a Bachelor of Music Degree in percussion performance.

The real events of life, love, relationships, and nature inspire Matt to write and share how he understands the world. Matt’s debut EP entitled, “Stories Often Missed”, set to release April 2011, shares these stories that often go unnoticed.

Photography by Lynn Lee


Stories Often Missed - 2011