One man old time spiritual hour

One man old time spiritual hour


Songs of heaven and home in the old time style


The "one man old time spiritual hour" was started in 2008 at the urging of long time friend and band mate Stanley Barton. He had been singing in nursing homes for years and encouraged me to do the same saying, "It is one of the most rewarding experiences you'll have as a musician". After my first performance at the Warren Manor I was hooked and soon began singing at nursing homes in the Southwestern NY and Northwestern PA area.

The show features Matt's singing and acoustic guitar playing in the old time style. It is not unlikely to see Matt spending time talking and listening to residents after the show.


Allegheny Valley

Written By: Matt Homan

Deep down in the Allegheny Valley
There's a riverbed that's pulling at my bones
With a cold dark voice she whispers in my memory
When I lay down she's calling me back home

On my knees I'm hoping to return there
to the places that I once did roam
My brother's slowly dying on that hillside
I pray when I return that he's not gone

That old dirt road don't look the way it used to
All the shacks and cabins they have gone
The old folks are lying in the ground now
They'll never have to hear this sad sad song


"Allegheny Valley"
Full length studio album. Contains ten original songs written by Matt Homan. Available on itunes

"Bluegrass Disciples Live"
Live album featuring original songs by Matt Homan, Matt Gronquist and Mark Mincarelli as well as several great bluegrass standards

"One man spiritual hour"
Originally created as a demo for Matt's solo show, This CD soon became a fan favorite.

Set List

You are my Flower
I am weary
You are my sunshine
I'll fly away
In the jailhouse now
Old homeplace
where the soul never dies
Standing in the need of prayer
I am a pilgrim
Way downtown
His eye is on the sparrow