Mat Thomas

Mat Thomas

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dylan, Dead and Dave. Music is the purist form of human expression and Mat Thomas' music is as honest as a smile.


Mat Thomas is a young, singer/songwriter with roots in the south. Born in Texas and raised in Savannah, Georgia, his passion for song writing stems from the need for creative human expression. He has been playing guitar and writing songs for over 18 years that relate broken hearts, heroic citizens, lost loves, and the human condition. After forming the band Half Blacklit Shack in 2008 as a heavier, louder outlet for his music, he has come full circle back to his folk, blues, indie rock soul that defines his music. His next solo album, Muscle and Grit, is set to release in the summer of 2012, so keep your ear to the ground and keep listening!


Prelim Barebone LP (2002)
10 Minutes of Your Time LP (2006)
Ear Candy (2008)

w/ Half Blacklit Shack
Greatest Hits (2009)