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Mattie Michelle

Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Dallas, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo World Afropop




"The Black & Blue Break Barriers with Sound that Defies Culture"

When Soul and Funk married, they gave birth to The Black & Blue. Ask anyone who’s witnessed the band onstage, and they’ll tell you how they were totally unprepared for what was about to mesmerize their eardrums. While the songwriting of Keite Young takes you on a tale of soul stirring, raw emotion, Mattie Michelle’s voice (Think about the soulful power of Annie Lennox mixed with the funktified rawness of Tina Turner and a range to outdo them both,) enters your mental capacity and coats your heart, while you rock side to side in approval , but shake your head in disbelief of how one powerful voice could hynotize the room. The Black & Blue are going so strong with high acclaim from their Black & Blue EP, they simultaneously released their independent singles, as well. Mattie Michelle’s New Love is a cooky, dreamy-eyed tale of that “you’ve got it bad” love. While Keite Young’s single In My Blood is a song that sounds tragic, but really is about being connected to someone without the illusion of control./strong>

In Black & Blue’s case, Why do electro funk and soul mix so well?

Funk and Soul are fraternal twins. Whatever clothes they might happen to wear doesn’t change that. They’ll always play well together. The pocket is the common denominator for them.

What’s the history behind the formation of The Black & Blue?

KEITE: I’ve collaborated with Mattie for 15yrs or so. There’s always magic with us. Evan and I have been brothers since college and have always played together. I asked God for a guitarist one night and the next day a dear mutual friend introduced me to Mark. Mark and I always joked about forming a metal band together. It was a way of rebelling against the pressure to conform to what the industry refers to as “urban” when my first solo record released. The four of us, along with the maniacal bass man Matt Skates sat around a table at the Old Fashioned Pancake House in Ft. Worth and formed what is now known as The Black & Blue. We talked about some of the greats who purposefully limited themselves and that approach felt natural when we were together. This is how that sounds.

Mattie and Keite, the two of you create such magic onstage. What’s a studio session with the two of you like?

It can be quite intense! We both are passionate about art and have strong personalities. The chemistry is always there.

Who writes your material?

Everything is a collaborative effort. Someone could float a melody or play a riff and we start to build. Whole demos have been done and we put them through the grinder. What comes out is this sound.

What messages do you try to deliver in your songs?

I don’t think we write that way. Whatever our songs reflect is what was honest in the moment.

Tell us about the EP.

The EP is kind of like our live shows. It’s fast paced, hard hitting and never quite long enough. And

Aside from the EP, the two of you have individual singles?

KEITE: ‘In My Blood’ is a punchy, soulful thing I co-wrote with Mark and my buddy Casey Di Iorio co-produced it with me. It’s about that one that you can’t quite get out of your system. MATTIE: “New Love” is my freshman release I wrote it with my older/younger self in mind. The memory of a new love experience that actually doesn’t feel like a memory at all, It feels like we’re right there while the New Love is happening. With Keite producing it I just knew that the song would really come to life and that he would immediately get it. Well, he did and now we can’t stop singing it.

There seemed to have been a rumor about the breakup of The Black & Blue. Did that surface because of the two singles releasing?

The Black & Blue will never break up. We all always have other things on our plates and other interest but it never means we don’t enjoy playing with each other. The Black & Blue is just what happens when we’re in a room together.

Mattie Michelle and Keite Young are playing at the Liquid Lounge in Deep Ellum on June 13th @9pm.

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The Black & Blue EP, along with Keite Young’s In My Blood and Mattie Michelle’s New Love can be purchased at -


Still working on that hot first release.



Mattie Michelle is a Dallas Texas native whose music talents have allowed her to travel the world and share her voice.  Her musical roots were birthed in her father’s Pentecostal church and were cultivated from gospel roots.  Being born and raised in the church gave Mattie Michelle the platform to sing in front of hundreds of people each and every week and only intensified her desire to share her gift with the masses.  From singing background vocals for nationally acclaimed artists to being the co - lead vocalist in the Rock soul band "The Black and Blue", Mattie Michelle is finally ready to present her own Vintage Soul sound to the music community.  

Predominantly known for her gift of styling, image consulting, and eye for fashion, for some this is a new artist introduction and for others a simple reminder of one of the most unique vocalists in the Dallas/Fort Worth  area.

Mattie Michelle’s voice combines the artistry of Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Janice Joplin, but is not limited to the new sound for her generation which mixes the two together to create “Vintage Pop”.  This is a new approach to a familiar sound and Mattie Michelle has it down packed.    

Mattie Michelle has a sound that can be rivaled without competition. She single handedly masters her own sound and creatively shapes her tone to its own signature. Her energy on stage will reel you in wanting more.

The talents of Mattie Michelle span across Music, Hair & Fashion.  She has re - invented the definition of soul singing. She officially releases her addictive freshman single "New Love" in Fall 2014 and it will have you singing it over and over! This song combines the Vintage sound of the 1960’s with the current feel of today’s Pop culture.   Every note she belts out taps into your soul and creates a vocal revival for your ears. It's time to let her voice ignite the fire within.  

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