Mattie's Ramble

Mattie's Ramble

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Two acoustic guitars + two harmonic voices = stripped down, back to basics music for the "listening ear". Two friends with over 10 years of experience together meld intricate arrangements with beautiful harmonies to produce nostalgia for the days of the singer song writing duo.


Both growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Jeff and Cliff first crossed paths while attending Ursinus College in the 1990's. Jeff, an accomplished drummer, and Cliff with some guitar and vocal experience, became quick friends highlighted by countless listening and impromptu jam sessions in the dorms of the small liberal arts college in Collegeville, PA.
Post college Jeff and Cliff's pursuit of music kept them motivated and cemented their long time friendship over the years. During this period the two halves of Mattie's Ramble struggled to find the quintessential "perfect fit" with various band ensembles and genres. This included a stretch of recordings where both members moved from instrument to instrument (guitar, drums, piano, bass) to realize a full sound arrangement. In the end, it kept coming back to the same equation: two acoustic guitars, two voices….one sound.

During an era of over production, their earnest commitment to this formula, highlighted by Jeff's song writing and Cliff's ear for vocal harmonies, is what makes Matties Ramble's stripped down, back to basics style so appealing to a wide variety of audiences. They continue self recording and honing their sound while immersing themselves in the local coffee house/party scenes of the Philadelphia suburbs, slowly becoming a local fixture.



Written By: Jeff Fell

Dry heat rythyms sway the trees
We dance beneath
Little children falling safely
We do as the leaves
Distilled water splashing over us
Pours thin
We must quickly dry now
The cold airs rushing in

And it will,

Freeze our laughter, tears melt slowly on dry skin
Distant weather rumbles gently from the chin
And I say,

“ Come outside to the hurricane,
Come outside to the hurricane”

Come outside and bring your blanket
For we will
Lay back, look up
Count the clouds increasing still
Violent winds lead as do fingers to the hand
Two we each have , four we need this to withstand

And if this crumbles, crashing pieces to the ground
Never matter, through the damage we have found
We have found …

So come outside now, there is no shelter more than I,
Ignore this storm loud, ‘cause I will keep you dry
Stand up! Step to these chances!
This flag sways and fades with time
Tied to the question/answer
How will I keep you dry

And I say,

“Come outside to this hurricane,
Come outside to this hurricane .”


The Trumbauer EP
Matties' Ramble

Set List

Sets typically run 1 hour
All material is original