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"Matt Irvin CD Launch"

Why Artists Like Matt Irvin Matter.

Side of stage at Fremantle’s Norfolk Basement, it’s the Matt Irvin CD launch. Ben Witt is about to wrap up a breathtakingly fragile and understated opening set, with covers from Dylan to Muse. Tim Hamzah, guitarist and lead vox for the next act, the husband and wife, country on acid duo - the Belle Ends, pricks his ears up at Witt’s next song. “Is that the Tea Party?”
He decides it is, settles back and picks up what’s left of his pint, “Man, I’m not ready to go on. I’m not feeling arrogant enough tonight.”

Performers wear a mask, some more than others. Freddie Mercury was shy off stage, on he was dynamite. Dylan became Dylan for that same reason, painting his face on the Rolling Thunder Revue stage to accentuate the fact. Watch the change between late 80s Bono, who wouldn’t just wear his heart on his sleeve but wrap it up and give it away from the stage, and the post-Fly shades Bono. It was Oscar Wilde who said that more can be told from a man once he dons a mask, since he unwittingly reveals something through the choice of the mask. See also: Bowie, Elton John, Marilyn Manson, those brothers Gallagher.

Without the camouflage the performer wears some music and some acts just wouldn’t work. Robbie Williams’ music is as much about the persona Williams projects as anything else. Kiss without the make up? Not a chance. A clean cut Sex Pistols? Forget it.
But we’re getting sidetracked.
The thing is that the mask works. It’s the spectacle of Kiss, of Robbie, of the latest clean cut freeze dried airbrushed pop star that draws an audience. It’s why the style of Jim Morrison is still paraded by lead singers worldwide more than thirty years after his death. It’s why the rock and roll lifestyle myth keeps fabricating itself.

Back at the Norfolk Basement Hamzah has found his stage face – it was in his red embroidered country shirt all along – and stepped on stage. Like thunder on an acoustic guitar he’s launched into the first song.
The Belle Ends music is loud and abrasive. It’s Johnny Cash fronting the Clash. Phoebe Hamzah dutifully fills the June Carter shoes with equal part Patti Smith. And it works.

Watching Matt Irvin on stage is a different matter. Between songs he jokes, recounts the inspiration behind the song and then starts into the tune. It’s in the tune, in the playing, that the transformation takes place.
The mask drops.
All that’s left is Irvin gripped by the song, face twisted to the melody, soul emerging from his pores.
Few performers allow the audience in so far to see the raw flesh. When a performer does it is a special moment, so powerful it grips the audience and pins them to the spot.
A week earlier at the Swan Acoustic Lounge a privileged crowd gathered to see Irvin do just that under candle light. The highlight then, and again tonight at the Norfolk, is the multi-tracked “Need You To Know”, a song where Irvin layers live guitar loops before singing the song and finishing it with his own trumpet solo.
To find a performer comfortable enough on stage, and so natural as a performer, to be able to show themselves so clearly is rare. Irvin doesn’t need to find his stage face to perform, it’s something more natural and organic from within that he displays during his set.

Jason Kenny - Jason Kenny- Xpress Mag

"Kav- Eskimo Joe @ Hyde Park"

I arrived at the Hyde Park Hotel just as Matt Irvin started to play and the crowd in the room was already starting to build up. Matt is from the now defunct roots outfit Dusk and has just released his debut EP “Now A Lover” after doing some East Coast touring with Simon London. Matt played some great acoustic songs that were enjoyed by the crowd and even used a state of the art loop pedal on one song to allow his guitar to loop while he played trumpet at the same time. It was quite an interesting way of playing a solo gig and many people were quite perplexed.

The person everyone was waiting to see was on next: Kav from Eskimo Joe. Up on stage he explained to the crowd that he hadn’t made a set list for tonight and was just going to play songs as they came to him and that he remembered how to play. Considering Kav plays bass guitar in Eskimo Joe, anything he played on acoustic guitar is not an everyday thing. Apart from the odd sound issue on stage Kav’s set of new songs, Eskimo Joe songs and a Beach Boys Cover sounded great and Kav’s voice has grown older into a fascinating, matured voice.



I had the pleasure of meeting an incredible singer/songwriter/guitarist last week from Australia who is currently moving about Ontario on a North American tour to show the world his music. Matt Irvin, who is just as sweet as he is talented, has got a powerful and gorgeous voice, great songs, and I must say when he goes off on his guitar, he is quite mesmerizing. He incorporaties live trumpet, guitar and vocal harmonies through a loop station. With roots based Perth, in Western Australia, and Winnipeg, Irvin recently released his debut EP "Now A Lover" through independent Oz label Canopy Records, with the golden touch of renowned producer and engineer Shaun O'Callaghan (John Butler Trio). Irvin's influences range from Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, David Ford and Damien Rice, and I hear Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst when he sings. Fresh from a New York tour, Irvin will soon spread out to the rest of Ontario, so I would urge you to catch him tonight at The Press Club, 850 Dundas St. W., before he goes. He will get down under your skin. Irvin is touring with local songstress Sarah Burton. Show 9:30 p.m. For info call 416-364-7183. Check him out at

Jennifer Bill (Columnist, 24Hours Toronto)

LINK- - 24 Hours Magazine Toronto


Now A Lover (EP)
1. Dying to Complain
2. Now A Lover
3. Need You To Know
4. Until Your Legs



With roots based somewhere between the port city of Fremantle, Western Australia & Winnipeg, Manitoba- singer songwriter Matt Irvin has recently released his debut EP "Now A Lover" through Canopy Records. The ex-instrumentalist from defunct roots outfit 'Dusk' has embarked upon his solo career with a newfound enthusiasm. Drawing influences from the likes of Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, David Ford and Damien Rice, Matt's sometimes fragile yet sometimes soaring vocals, sketch an intimate and powerful journey.. The live experience see's Matt incorporating elements of live trumpet and vocal harmonies with the creative use of a loop station. He has graced the stage alongside Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), Dave Mann, Paul Greene, Mick Hart and Mal Clarke (The Sleepy Jackson).

The EP recorded at Studio Couch in North Fremantle with renowned producer and engineer Shaun O'Callaghan (John Butler Trio, Gyroscope), features Warren Page (The Dirty Secrets), Glenn Sarangapany(Dyslexic Fish, Birds of Tokyo), Gavin Shoesmith (Groovesmiths, ex-John Butler Trio) & Benn Landers (ex-Dusk)

As a successfull and inspired applicant of the innagrual JB Seed Management Workshop (2006), his national tour in Jan 2007 is set to be the first of many, with the future eluding to a comprehensive touring schedule.