Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

 Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA

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Matt Jackson has been involved in music since he was very young. Primarily a vocalist he picked up guitar around 8th grade and almost immediately started writing music. From his first complete song “Freeze the Rain” written in only his freshman year to his latest album “Prove You Wrong” his growth into an established artist is apparent.

His feel good 2009 Release “In Good Company” was his first step on his inevitable rise to stardom and he has been picking up momentum and growing as an artist ever since. Although he is the first to admit that he has much to learn before he considers himself at the same level with main stream artists today he says he brings something to the table that most artists these days don’t; passion.

Matt Jackson's latest release “Prove You Wrong” is an upbeat take on the modern day love story- It has been classified as “Folky-Pop” but the tracks “Somewhere” and “Insomniac” have almost a contemporary pop feel without having any percussion. Matt's top-sound always get people’s attention at shows and his onstage presence and personality keeps people excited for his next show. With a combination of cover songs and originals, Matt Jackson always entertains the crowd!


Matt Jackson - In Good Company (2009)
Matt Jackson - Prove You Wrong (2010)

Set List

A mix of originals and covers. Listen to the originals on this EPK. Covers range from classics to today.