Matt Jasper

Matt Jasper

 Babylon, New York, USA

Matt Jasper is an eclectic singer songwriter from New York City, who performs a variety of original pop rock songs throughout the Northeast. He has been known for his highly energetic performances and he always leaves the audience entertained.


Matt Jasper is a New York based musician with an ear for a hook and witty lyrical sensibility. His music has been compared to artists as diverse as Wilco, Elliott Smith, REM, and Ben Folds, and can be best described as indie pop rock, with an occasional orchestral flair. Matt has played in a number of bands for nearly ten years, usually contributing guitar and vocals. He has recorded three full length studio albums (2010's 'Bored Games', 2007’s orchestral ‘As A Matter Of Fact’ and 2004’s concept album ‘The Distance Between’) and has also recorded two home demos (2003’s ‘Thinking Back’ and 2001’s ‘Jasper Makes Music’).

For his latest release, Bored Games, Matt Jasper has put together twelve playful tracks that follow the journey from suburbia to city and from single life to domesticity. Introspective and reflective, the songs tell a story of a man in his twenties, not yet jaded, trying to find his place in the big city. It’s the story of the time in life where you’re not yet quite settled down, and still hungry for what life has to offer you.
There are intricate vocal textures throughout the album, especially on standout tracks like “All The Possibilities” and closer “The Patient Waltz”. Musically, this record marks a departure from the previous release “As A Matter Of Fact” with a standard drums, bass and guitars combination. This stripped down approach serves the songs well, showcasing the innovative lyrics of “Brooklyn Heights” and “Infomercial Blues”, which speak of rundown apartments and quick fixes found over late night television. These subtle lyrical flourishes reward multiple listens, as a nuanced tale evolves upon further reflection. Playful and fun, catchy and contagious, Bored Games is anything but boring.
Matt Jasper will tour the East Coast starting in March 2010 in support of Bored Games.
Bored Games was released on March 2nd, 2010 through For The Records.


Bored Games (to be released March 2010)
As A Matter Of Fact (2007) (LP)*
The Distance Between (2004) (LP)*
Ordinary People (2003) (single)*+
Thinking Back (2002) (LP)
Jasper Makes Music (2000) (LP)

*-Received College Radio airplay within the Northeast US region.
+- available through RUMG Compilation CD Vol. 1

Set List

Typical Sets can range from a half hour to two hours, 100 % to 50/50 Original/Covers depending on venue need or request. Songs are mainly originals, although covers are sometimes sprinkled in. Covers include songs originally by Ben Folds, Death Cab For Cutie, Pete Yorn, and the occasional Black Sabbath acoustic cover.