Matt Johnson/Boneyard

Matt Johnson/Boneyard

 Carbondale, Colorado, USA

Acoustic-Electric alternative folk. We focus on the song itself, but we also love to find a good groove, get people moving and make them think at the same time. Introspective, political and darkly funny songs to brood over or tap your foot to.


This band evolved in a slow, organic way. Matt played out often as a solo act and opened for the likes of Vance Gilbert, Kelly Joe Phelps and Tony furtado before being joined by Marc on Bass. They continued to play out as a duo and it was not long before Frank joined the band as a lead guitar and occasional shaker player. A couple of years later while playing a benefit, Matt invited the drummer from one of the other bands to sit in on three or four songs, and the match was a good one.

As the band tried to find the right groove for Matt's music, they were all quick to realize that whatever they did, the music should serve the original intent of the song rather than drown it out. Although this band can rock it, they tend to play more tastefully with an emphasis on the lyrical and sonic qualities of Matt's compositions. With that said, they are all over the map stylistically. One thread that seems to run through all of the music is a little Jazz influence, thanks in large part to Paul Valentine's awesome drumming. Many of Matt's songs stray from the straight up 4/4 beat, and all three members of the band do a great job capturing some of the idiosyncrasies.


Boneyard - self-titled debut album, recorded live with no overdubs. 2005

A Drop of Sun - newest release. A single from this album titled "The Revelers Return" will appear on the Oasis CD Sampler.

Set List

We do very few covers, if any. The sets fluctuate from gig to gig, but we draw from both albums and from unreleased songs as well. In the rare moment of a cover, we have done Bob Dylan's "Isis" and "Masters of War", as well as Elton John's "Where to now St. Peter?"