Matt Jorgensen +451

Matt Jorgensen +451

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Modern jazz. Think John Coltrane meets Led Zepellin. "Northwest Acoustic Jazz Group of the Year (2003)" from Earshot Magazine ... third studio CD, Hope, included with "Best of 2004" from All About Jazz,, Jazz Northwest.


Where is jazz heading? Can an art form steeped in tradition once again excite the public's collective imagination? Few musical groups answer these essential questions as thrillingly as Matt Jorgensen + 451.

Matt Jorgensen is a drummer, composer and arranger who formed this band, 451, to combine intellectual and pop musical energies into a fever dream, a cry of our culture's impending future. After three critically hailed recordings and countless performances on both American coasts, Matt and 451 have it all together: their unique sound, the tumultuous yet precise outpourings, that interplay of mystery, romance and passion all mixed together in jazz unmoored from traditional conventions and clich�s.

Like science fiction without words, 451 fills the mind with visions and vistas both beautiful and ominous. The music bristles with portent. This is jazz re-imagined for a new millennium, infused by the exultant energies of rock and shimmering vibrations of the far galaxies. It is an artistry of questions and quests, raised to the highest plane in the ecstasy of unleashed musical invention.

One of the first jazz groups to re-introduce fender rhodes piano as a leading voice, 451 features an unusual combination of instruments - that by now have come to sound utterly organic. With music and musicians committed to something more than the accumulation of brilliant solos, electronics interweave perfectly with saxophones, bass and drums. 451 is made up of players who hold nothing back, who rock out in high-octane group virtuosity. Their fury and joy are palpable, but ever focused. With worlds of sound to explore, they dare to firmly control the maelstrom they create.

Given music so pictorial in essence, it is little wonder that 451's explorations have recently expanded to include multi-media events. At venues like Seattle's EMP Sky Church, grandly abstract videos deepen the rich layering of their exhilarating intimations. So along the way, remember these names: Drummer Matt Jorgensen, bassist Phil Sparks, keyboards marvel Ryan Burns, with Mark Taylor and Rob Davis on saxophones. For they are on a journey toward what's next in musical history.


Another Morning (Origin 82500) - 2008
Hope (Origin 82419) - 2004
The Sonarchy Session (Origin 82001) - 2003
Quiet Silence (Origin 82401) - 2003
The Road Begins Here (Origin 82377) - 2000

Set List

Matt Jorgensen +451 originals:
Quiet Silence
For Tony
Pack Sack
From Nowhere To Here
The Hope Trio
After Hours

mj451 does jazz:
Gingerbread Boy
Fables of Faubus
Central Park West

mj451 does pop:
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
No Quarter
The Look of Love
Everything In Its Right Place
Tomorrow Never Knows