Matt Keating

Matt Keating

 New York City, New York, USA

"Writes the kind of effortless eloquent pop songs Elvis Costello doesn't write anymore"-- The London Times


After 5 critically acclaimed CD's over the past decade, Matt Keating returns with "All That For This", an urban country album that sounds like Willie Nelson playing with The Attractions...duets with his wife Emily Spray (the author of Laura Cantrell's hit, "14th St") and with Patty Griffin make this a real front-porch long player.



Written By: Matt Keating


Somebody’s coffee cup
Somebody’s toothbrush
Somebody’s pocket change
Left behind in a rush

Nobody’s comin’ home
Somebody’s out of touch
Somebody’s out of time
Somebody’s left behind

Like rain on rain
Like sunshine on sunshine
I suited you
You suited me just fine
Now all the time we had
I guess it’s mine

Nobody else will do
Nobody makes your sound
Somebody looked like you
Until they turned around

Like rain on rain….

Somebody’s extra keys
Somebody’s wrist watch
Somebody’s guarantees
Left behind in the breeze

Down There

Written By: Matt Keating


Hearts are beating in time
Thoughts are eating my mind
Rain clouds movin’ in rhyme
Pain shrouds pleasure in time

Ain’t nobody ‘round here
And the devil may care
So look up, look anywhere
Just don’t ever look there
Down there

In our dream time we can do
What in the meantime we’re forbidden to

Got somebody at home
Waitin’ there all alone
Told her I’ll be home soon
Told her something I’m dong

And there ain’t nobody round here
And the devil may care
So look up look anywere
Just don’t ever look there
Down there

Never Stop Cryin'

Written By: Matt Keating


Give me the keys I’ll come and go as I please
I’m the king of the wasted opportunities
Give me a holler and you know I’ll stay
Give me a dollar and I’ll eat for a day
Give me the time and I’ll never stop cryin’

Was walkin’ your dog and I’d gone too far
Ended up at the corner bar
Ended up my head in her hands
Belly up in a new romance
She gave me the time and I never stopped cryin
So give me the time and I’ll never stop cryin’

I’ll just feel my way
Towards a brand new day
All I’ve sacrificed
Ain’t worth losin’ twice

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day
We burned for an hour while those fiddles played
Just got so sick of makin’ sense
Ran out of bliss from the ignorance
Give me the time and I’ll never stop cryin’

So give me a fish and I’ll eat for a day
Teach me to fish and I’ll go away
It took twenty years to put up this fence
But it came crashing down in just a few moments
So give me the time and I’ll never stop cryin’
Give me the time and I’ll never stop cryin’


Tell It To Yourself--1993 Alias Records

Satan Sings--1993 Alias Records

Scaryarea--1994 Alias Records

Candy Valentine--1996 Alias Records

Killjoy--1997 Alias Records

Tiltawhirl--2001 Poptones/UK, Future Farmer/US

All That For This--2005--Hungry Ghost

Set List

Never Stop Cryin'
Summer Tonight
Who Knew
Down There
Better Things
Wish I Was Gold
Waiting For Memories
Sit Down At The Table
Lord Jesus