Matt Keil Band

Matt Keil Band


A storytelling Rock and Roller with the soul of Hank Williams. Matt Keil united with the some best Detroit musicians, unleashing a sound that will be compared to Bob Seger and Kid Rock over the next decade. Come along and join the sonic hayride with the Matt Keil Band


You can feel it in the hair-raising live performances and you can hear it in the headlong rush of their first release, Lesson One . Conjuring the spirit of ‘70s Springsteen, 80’s Mellencamp, and today’s Outlaw Country, The Matt Keil Band takes classic sounds and remind us exactly why we lifted our lighters in the air and sang along in the first place.
Lesson One , the band's first fully produced album combines the tones of rock, the grit of alt-country, the strong melodies of pop, the attitudes of punk, all while spinning the vivid imagery of life. Offering eleven tracks of original music Lesson One offers insight into stories told, journeys taken, and lessons learned of his past days.

The compelling reach of Matt Keil Band grabs you in the opening seconds of their first release and never lets go through the course of a sonic hayride that takes us away from our troubled towns and into a brighter countryside. Led by Matt Keil's energetic soul, vocals and musicianship, the tightly constructed tunes testify to their grasp of reflective song craft, breezy pop, and expansive exploration, all laid on the rock solid foundation of his supporting band.

The Matt Keil Band project involves the cooperation of over twenty musicians from the Midwest , each bringing a unique perspective to the musical table complimenting each track. He states, “I've discovered so many undiscovered and amazing talents that I wouldn't be satisfied with a small band for the album. Everyone involved is the band.” Born in Mt. Clemens , Michigan , early on it was evident that Matt possessed a voice that demanded to be heard. Starting in choirs at age five he began to put the pieces of music together in his heart and mind, singing wherever there were ears to listen. Seven years of piano lessons developed his theory behind melodies, harmonies, and arrangements, and while studying sciences and singing concerts at Michigan State University he was introduced to the acoustic guitar.

This passion would bring to life his first true musical journals at the age of 18. The strong guidance, encouragement, and honest feedback of friends, family, business partners, and bar regulars helped transform these simple tunes into full theatrical arrangements. Matt Keil once said, “I've realized that music is my core, and my dream is to get all this music out of my head and into someone else's.” With over 30 compilations to choose from he feels the songs featured on Lesson One was the best debut of his talents as a singer songwriter.

Currently performing at multiple venues with a variety of the diverse musicians on the recorded album, he explains his performing technique, “Some nights I like to bring the crowd to their feet with five or six pieces. On others I like to bring that warm feel of a campfire with acoustic instruments. On all nights I sing my lungs out and go to bed satisfied that everyone including me had the best time.”

This spring the Matt Keil Band will re-enter the studio and kickoff the next Lessons. After playing over 350 shows since the initial release of Lesson One, Matt has grown leaps and bounds as a performer and singer-songwriter. This compilation of tunes will grab people by the front of their shirts, lift them up, tear them down, make tears fall, hearts melt, and fists fly. The release is set for early 2010. “It’s been too long. The hourglass is dropping sand very quickly. I have gone through many tough experiences in the past 3 years. The songs for this album are written from the heart with a taste of my life in each one. I am ready to show my fans what’s been cooking in my heart and soul.”

Look for Matt and his band of brothers to hit the mid-sized stages of The Emerald Theater, The Magic Bag, and many other Midwest venues in 2010 delivering the new material. Check out the tunes, show dates, and reviews of the band all over the web. Search for the Matt Keil Band and you will begin to understand the power of the music.



Written By: Matt Keil and Jim Kirwan

Ridin' Hummin a tune in my head My baby's at home in my bed Wonderin where the hell I've been. Hopin' this whiskey will drown out my lies She'll stare at my glass covered eyes Wonderin' where the hell I've been

I stumble through the doorway and I scream Hello! I can see that she's been crying asks me "How was your show?" She knows damn well I finished over three hours ago Lord don't think were gonna make it here - in old Chicago!

God I'm smokin' - up on the stage Friday night. I'm completely numb to stage fright. My baby strolls into the bar. She starts hangin' all over this biker named Jed She's tryin' to mess with my head She follows him out to his car

I storm to his Camaro and I scream hello I can see that she is lyin' asks me "How was your show?" I grab her by the arm and say its time to go Lord the night sure brought the devil down to old Chicago

Been with a thousand women tryin' to Kid Rockit' with the musical scene and she keeps on forgivin' Then late one night I got a touch of stage fright and my baby went and left me alone she heard the rumors were spreadin'.

Should of known from the beginnin' that the music and the women would end it all again in old Chicago I stumble through the doorway and scream Hello! There's no sign of cryin' - no girl after the show My baby's gone - you see I made her go
Lord the night sure brought the devil down to old chicago
Lord the night sure brought the devil down to old chicago
No! God No!


Album Release "Lesson One"
February 9th, 2006
Magic Bag - Ferndale
Ablum Release "Monday Street EP" 2008
Lesson Two Release Spring of 2010

Set List

We can play 4 hour shows with a jukebox mix of rock, country, soul, and pop.

Away from the Sun
When Im Gone
Be My Lover
Down in a hole
Feel Like Making Love
Bad Company
Brian Wilson
Old Apartment
Cant buy me love
Come Together
Hide Your love away
Let it be
Rocky Racoon
Steal my Kisses
Aint no sunshine
You May be Right
Talks to Angels
Like a rolling stone
Tangled Up and Blue
Night Moves
Sunspot Baby
Turn the page
Feels good don’t it
Dancing in the Dark
Im on Fire
I will Survive
Wild World
Lookin out my backdoor
Proud Mary
Violet Hill
Viva La Vida
Trashy Woman
Southern Cross
Ziggy Stardust
This Years Love
Roadhouse Blues
Sinners Like Me
Lay Down Sally
Wonderful Tonight
Wanna Rock
One Thing
Second Hand News
Times Like Theses
Hemmorage (In my hands)
Papa Loved Mama
The Dance
The River
Uncle Johns Band
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Some ti