Matt Kranyak

Matt Kranyak

 West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
BandSpoken Word

My live shows are energetic and exciting. I'm good at connecting with the crowd because my poetry is so real and honest. My poetry is about everyday life and the things people deal with. Whether its dramatic girls, summer school, friendships, or death. At my shows people laugh, think, and cry.


A lot of people do not have a good feeling about poetry. They may think that its boring, sad, or depressing. If they think this way, then they must have never been to a Matt Kranyak show...

I have been writing and doing shows for about two years now, and if you have ever seen me live you will know that my shows are far from boring. I recite poetry that is about anything and everything. I am loud, energetic, funny, thought-provoking, and insightful. I recite poems about experiences I've had with dramatic girls, with friends who have died, with my frustrations on summer school, and my thoughts about how much God loves us. When I recite my poetry it just feels right to me. When I am doing a show I feel at home, I feel like this is where I am supposed to be. I have done many shows in the past, during these shows the crowd has laughed, thought, and at times shed some tears. I know that the reason I connect so well with the crowd is because all of the stuff I am reciting is real and true and honest.

I am different in that there are so many bands out there, why not do something different? Why not book some bands, and then bring me in with them to mix things up, keep things interesting. I have done shows where I did a 30 minute set to open up for the bands, and sometimes I will do two poems in between each band so that they can set up the stage while I'm reciting.

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Set List

I have 14 poems and can do anywhere from a 30-45 minute set time.