Matt Larson

Matt Larson


The music is traditionally informed, original folk music that comes out truly unique and compelling. Contradiction? Maybe. Matt performs solo with musical skills that are rare in modern folk. His instrumental talent combined with a natural poetic sense and strong voice is a moving experience.


Matt Larson was born in the Midwest and has lived there all of his life. It is where his music comes from; the thawing mud. With a mixture of urban and rural upbringing Matt has had a lot to draw on for his art; the fields and rivers and trees of Wisconsin, the towering concrete and steel of Chicago, the rolling hills and plains of Iowa, the cold northland, Minnesota… Matt lived and performed in Chicago for four years. There he wrote many songs and developed his craft. He left the city in 2006 to record his first album “Son Of Lars” in small town Iowa and to tour the country. He now resides in Minneapolis and is working on his second album.


Son Of Lars LP

Radio stations:
KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Fairfield, IA
Simple Folk Radio 97.2 FM Brighton, UK

Set List

Mostly original songs with some renditions of traditional ballads and old-time music.

Son Of Lars tracks:
1. State Of Me
2. No More Water
3. Feed Me To The Lions
4. So Long Sparrow
5. Goin' Right Back There
6. I've Never Been Here Before
7. Any Road Can Take Me Home
8. Someday I'd Like To Rise With You Sun
9. Thomas The Opossum
10. The Great Bottomless Deep
11. The Abode Of Man
12. Your Gods Are Nowhere To Be Found
13. It's Not What You Fear
14. Yggdrasil
15. You Can't Govern We

Matt is currently working on his second full length album. Track info TBA.